After the addition of Bishop to the Cloud9 staff, the team announced today that he would not be the lone Korean to join. Jaemo "Xepher" Koo and Jeonghwan "Selly" An will join the team for the foreseeable future, while European players ryb and Mendokusaii move to reserve positions on the roster despite relatively good performances at APEX Season 2.

The move marks the first official signing of an imported Korean, as the EFFECT move to Team SoloMid remains unconfirmed. In a statement with Cloud9's staff, Xepher noted, "As one of the first Koreans to join the North American Overwatch scene, I hope to leave a good impression for old and new fans." Selly agreed with the sentiment and added that he was excited to play with the new roster.

Of course, fans will be left scratching their heads, especially when many assumed Mendokusaii and ryb only returned to Sweden due to visa and dental issues. While Mendokusaii joins his brother on Red Reserve for an upcoming tournament as a stand-in, many might wonder whether this leave of absence from Cloud9 is permanent, especially when he performed so well at APEX.

Xepher previously played with OPPA.Danwa, while Selly performed on Rhinos Gaming Wings. Some will remember Xepher due to the issues surrounding his exile from Korean Overwatch following the Geguri scandal; he was removed from the Kongdoo Panthera roster after the community remembered his prior involvement with the scene. Still, Cloud9 will serve as a safe haven and a fresh opportunity for the previously-shamed player.

Many will look forward to the Overwatch Rumble, as it will be the first performance with Cloud9's new roster. Notably, this new roster marks the first time GODS will have to perform on main tank duties.

At this point in time, the starting Cloud9 roster is as follows:

  • Lane "Surefour" Roberts (DPS)
  • Jeonghwan “Selly” An (DPS)
  • Jaemo “Xepher” Koo (Flex)
  • Daniel "GODS" Graesser (Tank)
  • Randal "Roolf" Stark (Support)
  • Adam "Adam" Eckel (Support)
  • Beoumjun “Bishop” Lee (Coach)