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Sources close to the OGN's production staff and both Rogue and NRG indicate that the two teams have received offers to attend APEX Season 3. The announcement comes in light of Season 2's conclusion, where Lunatic-Hai came back to defeat underdogs RunAway after falling to a 3-1 deficit.

Many previously noted that Immortals would partake in the competition, but signs of burnout are keeping the roster in America for the foreseeable future, as the team wants to focus on player health first.

A few professionals with knowledge of the situation have taken umbrage with the decision, especially given NRG's lack of experience in high level play. The team has not yet played in an official tournament match since signing top players iddqd, Ajax, and harbleu. An opportunity to compete in Korea is seen as an incredible honor, and teams regard this opportunity as one of the best in Overwatch. Trips to APEX are seen as a rare chance that must be earned.

Despite eUnited's large fan base when it comes to Korea, the team is reportedly uninvited, and only will travel to Korea for bootcamp purposes. Laser Kittenz will travel as well under the same circumstances, with no intention to actually participate in this season of APEX. As noted some time ago, manager Alicus plans to set the team up with a strong supporting staff and improve the team's cohesion in an incredibly competitive environment.

Some worry that the best teams will all be missing from the west in light of these announcements, further weakening the scene and the practice environment for players. Unfortunately, there is no work-around should the west hope to perform well at APEX.

We reached out to both Rogue and NRG for comments. Rogue has not yet responded, while NRG president Brettbox stated that he has no knowledge of the situation but would be thrilled to attend APEX.