APEX Challengers team Lunatic-Hai (formerly Lunatic-Hai 2) announced a roster shuffle following the conclusion of major events in Korea for the year. Tank player MedalofHonor and DPS player Bunny have left the team, with the latter joining the Seoul Dynasty franchise in the Overwatch League. Joining in their place are Nenne, iDK, YARG, and Sowhat.

*Photo via Lunatic-Hai* Photo via Lunatic-Hai

The core of the roster formed last summer as the LH organization’s sister team, Lunatic-Hai 2, and were comprised of players from a number of Korean teams. They performed admirably in APEX Challengers Season 5, the development league of APEX, finishing in 3rd place. Last month saw support player Flash depart, with Whoru transferred due to his inability to join his Lunatic-Hai teammates on the Seoul Dynasty in the Overwatch League due to age restrictions.

Joining from previous APEX teams are DPS player Nenne and support player iDK from LuxuryWatch Red and Afreeca Freecs respectively. The former helped LW Red make an impressive run in their first APEX season, finishing 5th-6th in APEX Season 4. On the other hand, iDK ended the season on a low note as the Freecs finished in 9th-12th and disbanded following the conclusion of the APAC Premier.

YARG and Sowhat are the newest rookies on the team, with the former previously listed as a sub on Rhinos Gaming Titan, while the latter will make his debut on Lunatic-Hai.

MedalofHonor and Bunny were the team’s founding members, playing with the team in APEX Challengers Season 5. The former previously competed with CONBOX in APEX Season 1 and 2, while Bunny was a member of BK Stars in the first three seasons of APEX.

Lunatic-Hai are likely to participate in Contenders Korea, the rebrand of OGN APEX. Blizzard recently announced a restructure in the non-Overwatch League ecosystem, with tournaments from APEX to the Overwatch Premier Series being put under the Contenders name, akin to their Western counterparts. More details about Contenders will be revealed by Blizzard this month.

Lunatic-Hai's lineup is now:

  • Lee "Whoru" Seung-joon (DPS)
  • Jeong "Nenne" Yeon-kwan (DPS)
  • Kim "YARG" Kwan-woo (DPS)
  • Kim "DoHyeon" Do-hyeon (Flex)
  • Cho "Guardian" Joon-hwan (Tank)
  • Bong "Sowhat" Woo-yeon (Tank)
  • Kim "Alarm" Kyeong-bo (Support)
  • Park "iDK" Ho-jin (Support)