With Lunatic-Hai's championship roster now signed by the Seoul Overwatch League franchise, the organisation's sister squad, formerly known as Lunatic-Hai #2, will be renamed to Lunatic-Hai. Additionally, Whoru has now joined the roster in place of the departing Flash after competing with what is now the Team Seoul roster for three seasons of APEX.

The official announcement made by the organisation stated that Flash left for personal reasons. Open tryouts will now be held for the roster at all positions, with six players currently signed.

The roster that won back-to-back seasons of Apex will now be associated with the Seoul Overwatch League franchise after recently adding Munchkin, Fleta and xepheR. Lunatic-Hai's announcement made no mention of LEETAEJUN, who was not signed by Team Seoul after rejoining Lunatic-Hai for APEX Season 4.

Lunatic-Hai's main roster is now: