After placing 3rd in APEX Challengers Season 5, support player Flash has decided to leave Lunatic-Hai 2, citing personal issues as the reason for his departure.

Lunatic-Hai 2 was formed last July as the sister team to the original Lunatic-Hai lineup, consisting of players from numerous teams across Korea. The team entered APEX Challengers Season 5, the development league below the main APEX division, and showcased a promising performance by finishing 3rd in the standings.

Flash was a part of LH 2’s creation after a long period of absence since February. The support player’s first notable offline appearance was on MVP Infinity, where the team qualified for APEX Season 2 via Super Week, but left before the tournament’s group stage began.

There is speculation regarding Whoru joining LH 2, as he is ineligible to play with his Lunatic-Hai teammates on the Team Seoul OWL franchise due to age restrictions. He was recently seen playing for LH 2 in a showmatch versus Team South Korea.

It is currently unknown whether Lunatic-Hai 2 has to play in the Super Week promotion and relegation tournament for APEX Season 5. With teams leaving APEX due to either OWL commitments or disbandments, there’s been speculation that OGN will forgo Super Week and auto-promote the top placed teams in APEX Challengers Season 5, similar to last season. LH 2 might also see the 2 removed in their name and rebrand as the main Lunatic-Hai team since the old LH roster is transferring over to Team Seoul.

The Lunatic-Hai 2 lineup is: