Earlier today Blizzard unveiled the Blizzard Arena Los Angeles, their new esports arena situated in the Burbank Studios. They also announced would play host to both the LAN finals of Contender Season One and the first season of the Overwatch League in addition to their other esports titles.


The 450+ seater venue has been custom designed to host multiple esports events simultaneously and will feature state of the art facilities and technology. As well as aiming to deliver an incredible live experience for fans, the players are also well catered for with practice areas, lounges, and offices. Echoing the main press release, the official Overwatch League post also highlighted that merchandise will be available in the onsite Blizzard Store so fans get kitted out their new favourite team's colours.

After absorbing MLG in May, Blizzard became further empowered to run live events in-house and went globetrotting to deliver four World Cup group stage events in a month. Even before that, we saw the announcement back in March of the 250 seater Blizzard Estadium in Taipei, Taiwan that would become the home of the Overwatch Pacific Championship. Today’s news expands that arena concept to a grander scale and marks another step forward in Blizzard's global vision for Overwatch esports.

We will get our first look at the on October 7th-8th when the Overwatch Contenders Season One LAN finals take centre stage to decide the best teams in both North America and Europe. Tickets are now on sale for these events for $15 a day or $25 for both if you want to check it out in person.