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Anyone who disagrees with the vast majority is a villain.

Do agree from a European perspective though, sure we can watch the vods later but that's not the same, I've watched a ton of football over my years yet never watched a replay of a football match, watching something live is completely different and it's not possible for us to do really, maybe one match if you're lucky but if you work early mornings and need sleep you're fucked.

posted 4 days ago

Where's the success? I mean I've not watched it because I fell out of love for OW between the scene "dying" and the OWL league starting but success isn't measured by viewers especially when you are essentially tricking people into viewing the league, remember when CS:GO had betting and the viewership numbers went crazy then died a fair bit when betting was banned?

It's easy to say OWL is a success when it has say 80k views yet when you are giving people free shit for being there it's not a fair reflection, I'm not a Twitch streamer but if I made a big song and dance about me starting a new stream where I gave away a ton of free shit I'm pretty sure my stream would be a success, but then what happens when I stop? if these figures are hard figures without folk taking advantage of free shit then fair enough but come on, did you not watch the EA Fifa 18 competition that gave away free shit for FUT where the chat was literally 18 thousand people spamming the giveway command?

Has it been a success financially? I mean it's easy to put on a league and have good viewers yet considering OWL is the most expensive league in the history of e-sports has it been a success? have all these big billionaire fellas made money from the first season? have they been blown away watching the same teams play each other umpteen timesI very much doubt it, so where's the success?

Has the OWL been any more special than say the APEX seasons? was it a lot better to watch than any OWL LAN before it? don't be so naive to judge the success of a season after 1 season where it's common for shit to go downhill rather than improve a great deal, unless Blizzard can keep coming out with free stuff to get people into the stream I'll be shocked if those numbers don't drop.

APEX had everything you've listed yet how many millions did that cost? let's see the success it has when there's more teams and people are flying around the other end of the world to play a bo3 of overwatch then flying back the way they came, how many miles will teams have to fly from the US to AUS for a game of OW?

I never really questioned where OWL would be a success but more the way it all came about, when you pump that much money into something it's hard to see how it won't work to some extent but OW outside of OWL is struggling to stay alive, when they announce an extra 4 teams or so for season 2 do you honestly expect 48 players to step into these 4 teams and be able to compete with the rest of the top OWL teams?

The gap is massive, the gap in the OWL was massive for Mayhem and the Dragons yet it's going to be even bigger in season 2 because the strength and depth isn't there to make a league this big with this many players. How many of these Contender teams do you expect to roll into OWL and compete with the top dogs?

posted 4 days ago

In CS he was semi-decent because he had Anders beside him, Anders was the calm voice with the knowledge and Semmler was the hype, problem is he started to think he had the knowledge so talked more and joked around more as well, his role was always to hype and that's it yet he wanted more and now he's a bit shit.

But he's better than ZP apparently so who knows.

posted 6 days ago

I love how you get 4 downvotes for complaining about the casters, god I fucking love this site <3

Having listened to Semmler in CS for a few years I knew he was going to be annoying af in OW and based on everything I've read and the little bits I've listened to he's not changed one bit.

Let me give you some advice though, don't be bringing anything negative to this site the weak minded can't handle it :)

posted 6 days ago

I'm assuming you're from NY, if you turned up for every single match throughout the entire season only to find out the final was being played 2700 miles away, you wouldn't be in the least bit pissed off? bullshit.

posted 1 month ago

I like how you have such a hardon for me, do you actually want a dick pic?

The issue is, the LA boys and girls have turned up every match week and made it work yet the grand finals are then in NY which is around 40 hours away from LA, why not just let it all play out in LA and no I don't have an issue, I couldn't give a toss about anyone from NY, LA or Botswana yet you seem to find an issue in everything I post.

You are the definition of salt, grow the fuck up and keep on downvoting me kiddo. Also I'm slightly dissapointed you didn't reply to me shitting on you in the pick/ban thread, scared?

posted 1 month ago

I wonder how all the LA boys and girls who turn up every match week to watch the entire season will feel about the grand finals being held on the other side of the country

posted 1 month ago

Well I was trying to, answering a question as you do on a forum when he comes in with the bullshit then dishing out the insults, not much you can do when that happens is there? then again I wouldn't expect anything less from hence why I barely even post anymore but I guess my name just makes everyone nice and moist and they can't control themselves.

posted 1 month ago

Just picked a random Dota 2 match from some Thailand minor and checked the vod, the very first pick/ban took 12 minutes, you absolute fucking spastic.

Are you the same retard that went ape shit when I made a joke about Geguri, the same guy who wishes Geguri and the boys good luck every Dragons match? honestly, do you want me to find more instances of bans taking twice as long as you suggest just to prove who is braindead even more here?

Start from 3:14 and count for 5 minutes and tell me if it's already began by then, then get fucked.

posted 1 month ago

I'm just shocked how you would rather listen to Semmler over ZP but whatever tickles your pickle. I'm hardly going to argue how the OWL is trash when by the time the league started I lost all interest but I do check the results often and have a giggle over the penalties being dished out.

Personally, I'm glad I don't watch OW anymore because it would burn me out, the league started with not enough teams to have this long a season yet has been dragged on for an eternity and if most of the people involved ain't completely dead by the end of it and need a long rest I'll eat my hat, this league will be burning the shit out of every player and I wonder how long the break will be before the next season.

This league reminds me of F1 a bit in the sense it's not always the best players that get the gig yet the ones with connections, I'm pretty sure anyone can make half a dozen teams that deserve a spot more than Shanghai yet here we are, watching them get shat on every week but hey, at least we have a female to cheer on right? it's no longer good luck Dragons, it's good luck Geguri and the boys, as if it matters what sex the players are.

posted 1 month ago

Even though I don't even follow it anymore to me this shouldn't happen, you come up against a team with a phenomenal tracer and you can just ban that hero because you can? Blizzard make a change that makes widomaker good for example but fuck it, everyone just bans it? then it gets nerfed and everyone just bans the next best hero?

Honestly, for me the pick/ban shit for any game is retarded, I tried watching games like Dota 2 then noticed that phase lasts far too long, people just need to play the game and not ban something they don't have the skills to stop.

posted 1 month ago

No doubt the interest is there but nothing else is really, you'd have to hope a rich Brazilian would buy a spot then what, do you honestly think he's going to spend that much on the spot and sign 12 Brazilian players? there's probably a reason why pretty much any big e-sports with any remotely close big events don't really go to South America to host a LAN event.

People may believe what they want, but there are nations who have "earned" the right to compete before them, how many scandinavians have we had competing at the highest level of OW and even stilll are? they have earned more of a right, what has Germany done for e-sports over the history of it? a shit ton, they have earned more of a right, France do a fair bit for e-sports and have good players, Russia/Ukraine have done more than Brazil.

There's about 10 better options in every single aspect before Brazil should even get picked about and that's not including even more US cities, just because they have an active scene within themselves doesn't mean they have earned or even deserve shit, Brazil need to start contributing to e-sports a lot more before anyone can even say they earned a shot at the OWL because they are a million miles away.

posted 2 months ago

Didn't say the UK done anything but they've still done a lot more than Brazil, when was the last time you heard about a big event in Brazil? when was the last time, other than SK in CS:GO, did you hear about Brazi doing well in any e-sport? in all the e-sports I've followed outside of CS I can't think of any impact Brazil has ever done, how many famous Brazilian e-sports brands can you name? the only one I can think of is mibr that was known back in 1.5 and 1.6 who are now dead I believe.

At least the UK has some big brands like fnatic and Dignitas, they also host various events like Gfinity and even Faceit and they are also hosting a CS:GO major later this year, I'm not saying Brazil shouldn't get a spot I'm just asking why almost everyone mentions Brazil, is it because of the beaches and women? because it definitely isn't anything related to e-sports.

posted 2 months ago

To go through a few OWL seasons without a franchise in Germany would be criminal, not sure I agree with everyone mentioning Brazil as I'm not too familiar with anything good e-sports wise coming out of Brazil other than 1 good CS team but who knows.

You would think places like Denmark and Sweden would get a spot based on what they've done for e-sports over the years but fat chance of that happening, these cities will be picked based on finances alone not who deserves what, personally I'm not expecting to see too many if any more European cities added I get the feeling they want the OWL to be NA/Asia based.

posted 2 months ago

Just curious, what was the result of the investigation? I mean the police would be involved since this is grooming and he could face prison for it or are we just assuming this person is a real girl and everything was true?

I will agree with the very immature though, I mean you can't disagree with the majority without being singled out and downvoted for having an opinion, sadly this forum doesn't know how to act mature.

I also think it's extremely immature of society in general to expect a 14 year old to be so fucking brain dead someone asks her for a nude pic and she doesn't have the brain capacity to say no, yet only after a few months and finding out she's not his only bit on the side then suddenly developers some brain power and realizes what she did was wrong.

Does anyone have actual proof this Lilly, who made a brand new twitter and twitch account to make contact with an OWL player based on pictures I've seen is actually a real girl who is indeed 14? how many people do you think have been tricked into sending a female money over the internet only to find out it was 45 year old Mohammad from Nigeria?

But hey, we don't need solid proof or even an official police statement, just a brand new twitter account to decide ones guilt, I'm not saying DK didn't do this nor do I give two fucks about the guy but the way we just believe something instantly before asking questions is incredible and worrying. I wonder how many people would believe me if I made a brand new account and say Donald Trump sent me a picture of his cock.

posted 2 months ago

So she created an entire new persona, for what? he just randomly plucked her out on the OWL stream ahead of the other 140k people, did she have the golden ticket? why did she create a new name, was it LillylovesDKplsdmME? we act like a 14 year old is braindead and not allowed to make any decisions for herself yet in some states in USA (FL I believe) you can even work at 14, there are underage child marriages happening in the states and in 2 years she can buy herself a nice powerful car to drive around the streets, get herself a job and even apply for the army I believe? maybe even buy a gun, yet 2 years before ALL of that she's so fucking brainless she just has to do what someone asks her to?

This entire thing smells like a honey trap to me, look at the maturity in that statement "she" posted yet on her texts she comes across as someone with downsyndrome? plus the fact everything about her is a mystery and do people even know what she looks like, where she lives and all that shit? did she actually send nudes of herself and have they been confirmed as real?

Honestly, this entire thing smells like bullshit, sadly this is 2018 and thanks to social media we all have an opinion and like to play judge jury and executioner, but before we hang this guy from a tree upside down with his heart hanging out like most people want to do, let's wait for some fucking facts on the matter.

I can guarantee you one thing, this shit happens all the time and I could do the same, pretend to be a young female to trick someone to either ruin their lives or extort them, it does happen so don't automatically assume this "lilly" person is legit when there's not a single shred of evidence to suggest it is indeed a 14 year old girl.

Do you all remember a famous hacker who pretended for years he was a female until he got arrested and was a guy just pretending? it happens, don't be so naive. Bring on the downvotes, make me horny.

posted 2 months ago

This is the OWL pal, everything is a thing, don't look at your opponent? fine, don't shake his hand? fine, don't say hello? fine.

It will be like that soon, to be fair in any sport it's human decency to shake your opponents hand win lose or draw there's no excuses for not doing it.

posted 2 months ago

Isn't that the entire point of a forum though, to discuss shit? how many discussions would you see on any forum if you could only discuss something you had complete knowledge on? saying stuff like that is fucking retarded in all honesty and it's the type of shit you see when someone moans about football and one sperg comes in and says "but you don't play football at that level so you can't talk about it".

People will always make assumptions based on news, if you don't like that maybe stay away from anything discussion related or just copy and paste that into every single topic created on every single forum throughout the world. I honestly don't understand people like you that try and put a halt to discussions and debates like this I really don't.

Also extremely ironic coming from a guy who made assumptions regarding OWL without having a clue about the matter, I do love a bit of irony.

posted 2 months ago

Chill out...
We have to recognize that we're subjected to outside perspectives on this. We, or at the very least I, have no idea what's going on internally with either team. It doesn't make any sense to judge the decision when you have no knowledge about why the decision was made in the first place.>

If we apply that logic to everything forums would die, the entire point of a forum is to discuss various subjects and the chances of us having 100% knowledge on them is as slim as wining the lottery so nobody should say shit unless they do so? do you have any idea how many people across the entire world discuss something whether it's on a game forum, reddit or even the news without having "knowledge" about why the decision was made? posting that shit is fucking dumb.

posted 2 months ago

Please quote from my post what you believe has me upset and an issue of seeing women in the OWL because I'm well and truly baffled.

By the word "cry" I mean literally cry, there was a female who even posted about how she CRIED literally at the news, not crying as in salty whinging btw, not sure if you know the difference between the two or not.

How am I actively being a dickhead? and how is it positive btw, do you honestly think I give a toss whether or not there's females in the league? I don't care what sex anyone is all I care about is them being good and you posted the biggest pile of dog shit I've ever seen about a valentine and when I respond to that I'm being defensive? LMFAO.

I swear to god, the people on this site crack me up more and more each day.

I wonder what other nonsense you guys will come out with next, I mean I'm already hating on females because I don't have a valentine eh? hahahaha.

posted 4 months ago

Kuro I have a question, why do you always talk so much shit? please explain to me how I am making a big deal of this by predicting the reaction of the female following if she doesn't play, honestly, for someone that posts as much as you do you don't half talk some utter bollocks at times.

Are you really naive enough to think people play because they deserve it and people get called up to OWL because they deserve it? you honestly naive enough to think Seagull deserved his OWL call up over a bunch of other better players? why is everyone on this site so naive and can never look at things from other perspectives.

If you bothered to read my post instead of doing what you usually do and make shit up you will see I never even talked about whether or not she WILL play but merely pointing out what I believe will happen if she DOESN'T play, two completely different things, so instead of talking out of your ass as you tend to do, please for the love of god read what you're replying to and for fuck sake, stop over exaggerating every single thing.

posted 4 months ago

I'm just not naive like the majority of people here, did you see how many females actually responded to the tweet with such happiness? people even fucking CRIED because a female got picked up by the OWL so do you honestly not expect shit like this not to happen? wake up.

But do tell how that relates to me not having a valentine, or is this just another case of anything less than 100% positivity directed towards females resulting in that person hating women, right?

posted 4 months ago

20 teams and this is the best they could do for the OWL? US had much less teams but better overall quality same goes for Europe, people act like MY are an absolutely amazing team but outside of matches against Chinese teams they won against 4 Koreans at Nexus Cup then lost the next 4 games they played against non-Chinese teams 3 months later, don't get me wrong I ain't saying they never played good and they definitely done well to beat the Koreans but people over-rated the fuck out of them for doing very little.

US teams have done far more than that and likewise Europeans, sure China has tons of players which explains why a) they are the worst team in OWL right now and b) they just recruited a few Koreans and NO Chinese players, make sense right.

Didn't a Chinese org just pick a full Korean roster for a spot in Chinese contenders, which again sums up the incredible array of quality and quantity China has to offer, right?

posted 4 months ago

Guess it's safer to learn English in case they end up adding an American or European in the future who knows.

posted 4 months ago

I'll remember this post in the future and come back if/when it happens :)

posted 4 months ago

She's going to be one of the more popular players because every female that follows OW will support her to get more representation of females in the OWL which is apparently a big enough thing to cry on Twitter about, I'm just waiting for the shit storm that will begin if they go a few games without playing her and all the feminists start spewing out anti-female shit on Twitter and pressure the Dragons into playing her, watch this spot.

posted 4 months ago

So Florida couldn't find enough Americans to represent them, same for New York and for London who couldn't find enough good Europeans to represent Europe yet there's a lot more options for Shanghai when it comes to China? was that sarcasm or something. Pretty fucking sure you could build better American and European teams before you could build a Chinese team as good.

posted 4 months ago

Might be getting ahead of myself here but anyone else thinking they might be shifting towards a full Korean roster for the future? unless they plan on investing a good chunk of change and time/effort into getting all those players to learn a basic level of English before next season of OWL but it seems to me that if you have problems in OW the answer is always Korea so who knows.

Might end up getting these Koreans as the OWL team and have the Chinese boys play in Contenders to practice while they learn English.

posted 4 months ago

Everyone bought a spot, I'm talking about what Pixelfish said;

I think you need to understand that there's no "bad" team. They're all high-caliber teams

Just because they are in the OWL doesn't mean they are high-caliber especially when everyone bought a spot, it's not like they earned it.

I guess it boils down to peoples definition of the word but to me a team that can't win a match are bad, the whole logic that there are not any "bad" teams is a bit dumb, you always get bad teams in any league in any sport so don't act like OWL is any different.

posted 4 months ago

If you need heavy reinforcements to win how does that not make the current team bad? if the rosters got locked in they would most likely end the season with 0 wins, how is that not bad? if you actually NEED to make improvements to your squad that tells me it's bad, I mean just look at what the word means.definition of bad

of poor quality or a low standard.>

Not hating on them, just saying the fact they are in the OWL doesn't make them not bad, you get bad teams in every league so I don't agree with the logic that just being in the league makes them good especially when they bought the spot and didn't particularly earn it.

posted 4 months ago

Based on current lineups can you honestly see the Dragons win a match?

posted 4 months ago

12 teams and Blizzard couldn't find a way to have them play each other once? they don't seem to want to do anything the traditional way that makes sense but just make up stupid shit as they go along, wouldn't surprise me if the grand finals had some absolute whack job rules/schedule that nobody understands but Blizzards desire to be different is that strong so who knows.

posted 4 months ago

Surely this can't be allowed, does that mean the EU contenders will be flooded with Korean teams if they decide to move to Germany or whatever? this reminds me of the farcical bullshit you see in olympics when you have Koreans "representing" Hungary and Russia just to get a spot, I know Koreans are good but this is taking the piss surely.

posted 4 months ago

So having the 4 best dps throughout the OWL go head-to-head backed up by the 4 best supports and protected by the 4 best tank/flex won't be as good as a popularity contest? might as well invite Loserfuit and Stylosa along with all the other OW personalities to play on stage with the likes of Seagull and xQc in that case. A proper all-star match.

posted 4 months ago

I hope it's not that case here then you will end up with Seagull on the all-star team which will be farcical, it should be decided by people like casters/analysts who hopefully have an unbiased opinion.

posted 4 months ago

Guess it begs the question, who does/should the spot belong to? I mean if you're an organization paying players to play for you should you lose that spot if those guys get a better offer somewhere else and take the spot away meaning you as an org are left with nothing to show for 6 months of support and finances?

Also sucks for the players to play hard out for 6 months and have nothing to show for it.

Not saying the 6 months is related to this particular example it's just that, an example. Personally I think the org should always keep the spot.

posted 4 months ago

Aye on paper, granted I've not been watching any of the OWL but is Logix still a one trick tracer? this change can free Cwoosh up to dps and have Zappis play tank for a bit and vice versa, while it ain't gonna solve all the problems they have it can still solve some and these guys won't improve overnight shits gonna take time so this is a very positive change even if it ain't the big one they need yet.

posted 4 months ago

Still blows my mind how they didn't pick him and Fragi up right off the bat instead of only getting 1 of them now when in reality it's Fragi they need more.

posted 4 months ago

Isn't Tamou MIA and that mong xQc banned for the rest of stage 1 and wouldn't surprise me if he does other stupid shit and gets banned for the entire season, they have 1 guy in the middle of a mid-life crisis it seems and the other acting like an 11 year old autist which makes him a massive liability so I would say they need another player or so.

posted 4 months ago

Wasn't the main issue with Reinforce that he either over-extended and died or got caught alone and died? I seem to remember him dying more than any other rein when I watched and often felt he was far too aggressive for his own good.

posted 4 months ago

That logic...please tell me that was a joke.

posted 4 months ago

"butted into a conversation" sorry, you mean this isn't how forums work? the public conversation that you somehow think was private enough that nobody could "butt" into? lol, I had as much place entering as anyone and questioned why you considered the game stale and boring and you dragged it out into a shit show talking about a tone of nonsense nobody even mentioned, all you had to do was say why you thought it's stale and boring yet you made a mountain out of a mole hill just to make yourself look smart.

I don't watch CS:GO based on me not being able to memorize every minute detail, that logic makes perfect sense there pal, I watched OW for the first year and watched almost every tournament available yet barely remember shit, some people are good at remembering some ain't but wait, that also means I didn't watch any OW right?

So the fact we had 7 winners in your eyes out of 12 still doesn't make it diverse? "showing a great deal of variety; very different." How is that not diverse? only 1 team has won 2 majors in a row yet that isn't diverse?

"same players" do you actually look at the rosters and not see the new unknown players coming through that didn't exist when CS:GO launched?

Honestly, I wonder why I bother, you have it cemented in your mind that CS is stale and boring yet support a game like OW because it's new, fresh and full of new players and teams? as I said before OW has been mostly dominated outside of Asia by the same few teams, there's been very few LAN events and outside of the OWL most people wouldn't consider the game to be anything other than stale and pretty much dead.

And also, if you think 2018 CSGO is even mildly as interesting as CSGO back in 2015/2016 I don't know what to tell you. CSGO is so stale these days it's actually amazing that it still has all the support it does. >

Do you ever ask yourself why it still has all the support it does and why it still has millions of dollars being pumped into it yearly or are we all just delusional and only you can see sense? you think CS:GO was more interesting in an era that was less diverse yet consider it stale and boring when it's even more diverse with even more LAN events with even more money, how in the fuck does that logic make ANY sense?

posted 4 months ago

I wrote out a big reply and closed the tab by accident so fuck it, you repeat yourself with the same shit and claim I'm talking about money when I'm not and my knowledge of CS:GO when I'm not, let me make it bold for you to understand; I'm questioning your use of the words stale and boring. Understand? I find it incredibly mind blowing how someone can follow a game like OW that for 2 years has been pretty much stale and boring yet call a game like CS:GO stale and boring when it's still as alive as it ever was with major LAN events happening very often.

It baffles the shit out of me, the fact those are the top teams in the top 10 and you just mentioned half of them going through a rough patch doesn't indicate the game is boring is it? the fact there's been 9 different winners out of the last 12 majors doesn't indicate the game is boring and stale does it?

Don't forget how western OW was pretty much dominated by two teams in the first 2 years of OW's life, if THAT isn't boring and stale then fucking shoot me.

posted 4 months ago

You mean me actually watching CS:GO and listening to him and Anders cast for about 2 years isn't enough to base my opinion on? I was watching CS:GO when it was just Anders on his own before Semmler was known and listened to him from the start and up until a year or so ago, just because I base my opinion on his OW casting thus far on 2nd hand opinions doesn't mean I've based every opinion I have on him with the same logic, you honestly think I would come here and say stuff about Semmler based on 2nd hand comments? don't be an idiot.

How many times have you watched Semmler? I will guarantee you all the money in the world I've listened to more of his casts than you ever will.

posted 4 months ago

This guy is just beyond words, is he honestly this mentally challenged or does he just love winding people up this badly? how can you be so fucking brain dead to behave this way when you're in the OWL and a fairly big streamer on Twitch? is he really trying to throw everything away just because he has the mental capacity of an 8 year old.

posted 4 months ago

You tripping balls? where did I mention it being interesting and exciting because of the money involved? if you honestly think a game isn't interesting or exciting when they have as many different LAN events all over the world like this then I honestly have no words for you, I would definitely have to question your definition of the words and ask if you're mentally sane and laugh at the fact you would consider a game like OW interesting and exciting with the almost zero LAN events over the years. So in your mind what results in something being interesting and exciting?

Now I have to question your definition of another term "over-the-hill" which means "old and past one's best." Sure they ain't exactly young but past ones best? NiP ain't as good as they used to be but still hardly what you'd consider over the hill nor can the same be said about VP who find the form when they really want to, FaZe is a new team so wouldn't apply that to them and so are C9 roughly as well as mouz, North and even fnatic.

Out of that entire top 10 the only teams remotely close to being classed as over the hill are VP and NiP.

Again where did I say I watch for the prize pool? hell where did I say I watch CS:GO period? to say you have absolutely no fucking clue what you're talking about is an understatement, the massive hard on of hate you have for CS:GO is worrying while you sit here and defend a game like OW that has done nothing at all since the start of OWL 2 years after release.

Maybe you should get over the jealousy you have for CS:GO and actually read what people post instead of talking utter nonsense and making yourself look even more retarded.

posted 4 months ago

Aye because I'm sure in that scenario Taimou would love to be playing with a bunch of Koreans or some European like Shadowburn would love to be sitting next to 5 Chinese players. These teams had more than enough time to build a team out of what was available there's no excuses, Dallas are shit at the minute because they went for popularity over raw skill and are paying the price.

posted 4 months ago

Talk about one of the best OW teams period going to absolute shit, signing a famous player who hasn't played competitive for so long and then signing probably the most immature player in OW period who gets punished left and right all the while struggling to win even 1 map out of a possible 4, pretty sure they fucked up hardcore with these two popularity signings and now with the drama xQc is bringing into the team is coming back to haunt them.

Say what you want about this time being "mild" it's the fact it's consistently happening which is the main problem, doing 20 small things that constantly bring your team into the spotlight isn't any better than doing 1 big thing.

posted 4 months ago

Not quite sure I get what you#'re trying to say, not quite sure how anyone can consider a game like CS:GO stale when it has new tournaments happening pretty much all the time with at least 4 majors a year and LAN events left right and center but whatever tickles your pickle. I guess that would also make OW stale based on that logic? up until the OWL kicked off that is.

"bunch of washed up burned out pros" there's only a few teams that fit that criteria and even they have won majors so I guess they ain't all that washed up and burned out. When a game is out for 5 years it becomes stale, pretty sure CS was the most popular FPS on the planet for well over 10 years and SC was also one of the most popular game period, the definition of stale is "no longer new and interesting or exciting" and if we go by your logic we can apply that to every single game on the planet and call them all stale after a few years since they are no longer new, right?

I honestly don't think too many people can agree with you regarding CS:GO when it's still massively popular in every aspect, it's obvious you ain't a fan of the game but to call it stale and full of washed up players who only play for the money based on that is some of the most retarded shit I've ever seen.

Coming from someone who has followed a game riddled with staleness for the first two years of its existence is pretty hilarious. Don't sit there and tell me you wouldn't want OW to be swimming in massive LAN events and 4 majors a year like CS:GO has because you'd be talking absolute shit.

posted 5 months ago

Aye, wasn't it like NiP shitting on everyone for ages then fnatic doing the same? I don't actually watch CS:GO but still follow for results and news and it does seem more interesting now that there isn't 1 clear favourite for every event unlike back in the day.

posted 5 months ago
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