ESPN's Jacob Wolf has reported that Immortals Gaming Club has sold the Houston Outlaws for $40 million USD to Houston real estate investor Lee Zieben.

Immortals, who own the Los Angeles Valiant, bought the Outlaws' parent organization back in June. Due to Overwatch League rules regarding ownership stakes in multiple teams, Immortals were to sell the Outlaws as soon as possible.

According to the ESPN report, Zieben will pay $30 million in cash and securities and assume $10 million in debt the Outlaws owe the Overwatch League for their initial franchise spot.

If the sale is approved, the Outlaws will be freed to make roster and management rules in the next offseason. The last time the Outlaws made a roster move was in September when they traded smurf for Danteh.

This sale would complete the first change of ownership for an Overwatch League franchise.

The Overwatch League, the Outlaws nor the Immortals have commented on this report as of yet.