In a post-match show following EnVision eSports' upset victory over Immortals in Overwatch Contenders, USA-based caster Mr X drew the group stage matchups for one of the most hyped up tournaments of the entire year in the Overwatch World Cup. Using ping pong balls with nations initials painted on them, he drew them one by one from a machine that randomly assorted them using a fan.

As one would expect, every nation entered the draw crossing their fingers in hopes of avoiding South Korea, the nation heavily favored to win the entire tournament without dropping a single map. The picture became more and more clear with each ball drawn, as Mr X first slotted the UK into the first spot, and then drew China for the second on the other side of the bracket. The first round of draws finished with Canada slotting into the third spot on the UK's side, while South Korea rounded it out with the last spot.

In the second round, Mr X drew the talented-but-underwhelming Sweden to match up against the UK, while he picked the second team to exit Shanghai—France—to square up against China. Tension grew as the team that was to be drawn next would face Canada, while the final team would have to face the tournament favorites in their first match at BlizzCon.

In a sheer act of contempt, Mr X drew Australia to suit up against Canada, leaving his home country to face the daunting South Korea in their first match. For completion's sake, Mr X did draw the final ball to prove that the USA would indeed need to match up against South Korea, dashing the hopes of anybody hoping that the draw was some cruel mistake.

The playoffs for the Overwatch World Cup will take place at BlizzCon, which takes place on November 3-4.