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Fuel bench xQc following comments on stream in News

I don't get your problem

posted 18 hours ago
Fuel bench xQc following comments on stream in News

be proud

posted 1 day ago
Fuel bench xQc following comments on stream in News

you open your mouth, you're banned

posted 2 days ago
VAL vs. DAL – Overwatch League Season 1 Stage 1 W1 in Matches

All these guys thinking Dallas is better lul

posted 1 week ago
CHN vs. FRA – World Cup 2017 BlizzCon Quarter in Matches

Waw i must admit i did not believe oO

posted 2 months ago
World Cup playoff matchups revealed in News

worst draw i have ever seen, China Korea France and USA are like the 4 best and in the same bracket wtf

posted 4 months ago
FRA vs. ARG – World Cup 2017 Shanghai B in Matches

i didnt get how all rogue players got in team france

posted 6 months ago
ARC6 vs. Rogue – Overwatch BEAT Invitational Season 2 Playoffs UB semis in Matches

I guess Rogue needed warmup

posted 6 months ago
Team France: Le bleu, blanc et Rogue in News

winz best, can't even test

posted 6 months ago
Blizzard releases avalanche of World Cup rosters in News

France = Rogue

posted 6 months ago
RunAway vs. LH – OGN APEX Season 2 Playoff Finals Final in Matches

this karaoke during stream LUL

posted 9 months ago
Rogue vs. IMT – Alienware Monthly Melee - March 2017 Playoffs UB R1 in Matches

This is a very bad comparison

posted 9 months ago
$15,000 Overwatch PIT Championship in News

Such a low prizepool, let's go rogue !

posted 10 months ago
Montpellier Esports Show attracts European competition in News

ez for team YP

posted 10 months ago
LDLC adds three new players, finalises roster in News

lol nokss

posted 11 months ago
Misfits vs. LH – IEM Gyeonggi Invitational Main Event QF in Matches

Misfits will fall :D

posted about a year ago
Misfits, Rogue and LG complete triple shuffle in News

Nice swaps, hope it will work for all these teams

posted about a year ago
COOLLER replaces Kryw on Misfits due to clashes in News

I watched Kryw's stream and he was a bit toxic but he plays really well, that's a fact.

posted about a year ago