Team LDLC recently announced their new roster for the start of 2017. Anak and Kensi have joined from Slav Squad as support and DPS respectively, while NokSs has also joined the team to become Kensi’s flex DPS partner.

LDLC lost three of their players in early December just after a promising run at DreamHack Winter. LDLC blasted through the BYOC qualifier, beating UnWanted, mousesports (now Movistar Riders), and PENTA without dropping a map. Coming into the main event, LDLC were placed in a group with the two eventual top teams, Misfits and Fnatic, losing to them both 0-2 but beating mouz again without losing a map.

After that run, Ube, klanton, and Clown left the team. Ube has been seen playing with Luminosity most recently since Kryw was removed from the active roster, while klanton is on European side A Tribe Called Balek.

LDLC decided to carry on and rebuild their roster with the core of KabaL, Mete, and Meza. After two months to consider options, they finally have a complete lineup.


Anak is joining LDLC on Lucio support and plans to share the in-game leading role with KabaL, according to the official announcement. Anak and Kensi both have prior history on European team ANOX which later became Slav Squad, playing with the best in the CIS region.

Kensi and NokSs in particular should be an explosive duo for the new LDLC team. Kensi’s hitscan prowess, particularly known for Tracer, balances well with NokSs’ ability to perform on a variety of flex DPS heroes. The high mechanical skill from both will give LDLC new tools to work with.

Captain KabaL spoke about the new roster, saying:

After one month and a half of tests, I’m glad to announce our “version 2” of the LDLC Overwatch team. The first two players come from Team Fortress 2, and thay are 24 years old : Anak the Belarusian, and Kensi the Ukrainian. On Overwatch, they evolved on teams like Anox & The slavs. Anak plays Lucio and will colead with me. Kensi have a really good Roadhog, and is know for shi Tracer and his McCree. The last player is NokSs. It’s a promising player, and he will play Flex/DPS in the team.

Team LDLC have been unable to compete in tournaments for the past two months with only half a stable roster. They are now wading straight back in with their new six and looking to make an impact in the European scene.

The new LDLC lineup will be competing in the StriveWire Monthly Brawl against other teams looking to break into the European tier-one. The double-elimination groups into single-elimination playoff should provide an excellent trial by fire for LDLC’s new roster, letting us see exactly how they match up.

The LDLC roster looking forward is:

  • Artem "Kensi" Budiak (DPS)
  • Nicolas "NokSs" Landriscina (Flex DPS)
  • Metehan "Mete" Aksüt (Flex)
  • Mihail Cristian "Mezamorphis" Paunescu (Tank)
  • Guillaume "KabaL" Ettori (Support)
  • Kiryl "Anak" Nikalayenka (Support)