Eagle Gaming will be among the teams participating in the first season of Contenders 2018 Europe. Eagle coach moonL confirmed the team purchased its Contenders spot from fellow French organization GamersOrigin.

The update to the Overwatch Contenders website brought the indirect announcements of every team automatically qualified for the upcoming season of Contenders. On the teams page for Europe, Open dropouts Eagle Gaming resided in the space that once belonged to GamersOrigin, while an additional Trials team spot stood in eUnited's place.

The Contenders website will serve as a good way to keep tabs on which Eagle Gaming players will be eligible each week. While the team has 12 players under contract, the Contenders ruleset only allows for nine players on a team, so it is expected that the team will rotate which nine are "on the roster" week-to-week until the roster lock. While Leaf, Kryw and Lilbow are currently absent from the team's lineup, that may change before the team's first match.

That first match will happen Sunday March 11 at 6:00 p.m. CET against Team Singularity.