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SunSister hopes to rise again with four new additions in News

my first pun :')

posted 3 months ago
If You Were To Pick 5 OWL Cities, What Would It Be in General Discussion

It's his wishlist my dude, Seoul alr has a team.
Japan is a hard one because they don't really have anything against OW, they just have a large culture of console players. I feel like you're also taking too much of a nation-v-nation approach, but most teams will hopefully be picking up international players.

Respect for Cologne tho.

posted 4 months ago
IMT vs. FNRGFE – Contenders Season One North America Reg Season Week 4 in Matches

if muma gets to point on time FNRGFE will take it

FNRGFE win (3 - 1)

posted 4 months ago
World Cup playoff matchups revealed in News

AU to the finals, gg ez

posted 4 months ago Prediction Game Scoreboard (OW Contenders) in General Discussion

$20 on Mert. I'll match any bet, Mert won't lose.

posted 4 months ago
Predictions: Contenders Season One Europe Week 2 in News

can we start predicting the prediction game scores?

posted 4 months ago
Best article titles? in Site Discussion

The original is always the greatest

Creationists believe in #FlatEarth

posted 5 months ago
EnVyUs vs. IMT – Contenders Season One North America Reg Season Week 1 in Matches

envy needs to drop cocco / chips, the one duplicate ruins it

posted 5 months ago
World Cup 2017 Katowice: Viewer's Guide in News

guys please, you're both good but nobody comes close to sandshrewz

posted 5 months ago
KOR vs. AUT – World Cup 2017 Katowice E in Matches

4-0 SK, if not i will give away my (intel hd 5500-4gb ram-some sort of cpu) gaming laptop 4 free to charity thanks

posted 5 months ago
World Cup 2017 Sydney: Viewer's Guide in News

for anyone unable to watch the twitch stream, there's a youtube stream

posted 6 months ago
JPN vs. ESP – World Cup 2017 Sydney D in Matches

Aktm, ta1yo and CLAIRE's team owner forgot to sign them up for OPC lel

posted 6 months ago
coolmatt69 replaces enigma on FNRGFE in News

-1, enigma should have written the article for a meme

posted 6 months ago
Athletico CAMO claim ESL ANZ Season 1 Championship in News

Face-mirable :o

posted 7 months ago
Lui departs from Team EnVyUs as Overwatch Contenders approaches in News

waiting for someone to pick up a N. Korean defector for the rarest of rare flags

posted 7 months ago Oceanic Rankings: 1st April - 26th May, 2017 in News

G O D _ A R T I C L E
For real though, great article.

posted 7 months ago
$105,000 Overwatch Premier Series Spring preview in News

zp is the cutest gosh darn girl i have ever seen

posted 8 months ago
LuxuryWatch Blue unveils revamped roster in time for APEX Season 3 in News

So happy walaos TF2 are back together
So excited to see Pine dominate

posted 8 months ago
Scylla Esports undergo roster changes in News

Indonesia to AUS is about 90-150 and I assume it's similar, so I'd say around there.

posted 8 months ago
Japan's OMEN CUP set to kick off in News

a peek into the jp scene courtesy of the saltiest rank 7 zarya player

posted 9 months ago
Avalon.Tempo vs. UE.Jr – Singapore Tournament 2017 Playoffs Finals in Matches

sandshrewz speaking truth

EDIT: sandshrewz lied

posted 9 months ago
IEM Gyeonggi Invitational reveals teams and more in News


I've been waiting a long time for this, GL LW. Red!

posted about a year ago
Hello, i want buy overw in Off-Topic

Hey dude! You can buy it here.

posted about a year ago