Australian organisation Scylla Esports officially announced changes to their Overwatch roster on Monday, the team's first change since being picked up by the organisation in January. Dps player Wuvo, support player Flake and flex player Spoonzl are now no longer affiliated with the origination. The Flex talents of Lush and usmc, as well as support main Bim officially join as starting players, while Switch is now established as Scylla's coach.

The team will compete with their new lineup tonight in round 1 of the CyberGamer OCE Circut and compete in the ESL April Final to qualify for one of the last two spots at the ESL ANZ LAN.

Scylla Esport's roster now stands as:

  • Nicholas "Project" O'Brien (DPS/Flex)
  • Ahmad "usmc" R (DPS/Flex)
  • Andre "Lush" Ricardo (DPS/Flex)
  • George "Sp4rky" Slight (Tank)
  • Paul "Saphira" Wallace (Support)
  • James "Bim" McCann (Support)
  • Alexander "Switch" Keech (Coach)