Following recent inactivity by SunSister, the team has decided to shuffle the roster, adding four new players into the mix; SixVII, Seth, 品川ラインハルト and Qloud. The move also brings in Overwatch Pacific Championship Caster MIMORI, who has joined as a VOD Recorder.

All four players have roots in the Japanese Overwatch scene. Both SixVII and Seth are arriving from the team SPRING, where they played alongside ALPHARDUNrnO, a prominent Japanese streamer and professional player currently on Flourish. SPRING had been formed to take on the Overwatch Championship Series, however did not acquire much success, going 2-4 in the Group Stage and being knocked out during the Quarterfinals with CYCLOPS athlete gaming taking the series in dominant fashion.

Qloud joins having spent much of his career on ONE LIGHT, who were present at the Overwatch OMEN Cup. The team was eliminated in the Quarterfinals to the then Kings of Japan, Unsold Stuff Gaming Supreme.

品川ラインハルト is arriving from a local mix team, 金田フランクフルト, made for the 2nd JCG Master 2017, where they were knocked out in the Grand Final by 品川ラインハルト's previous team, SCARZ.

Away from the new additions, ZETMAN has been moved to the inactive roster. He has revealed that he intends to take a break from competing, however will stay on the team to take up translation duties for the team. N1ght0wl, MAKA and Elu have all been moved to the reserves, while Odenkun, Molis and Neopon will maintain their positions on the roster.

The new SunSister roster is:

  • Qloud (DPS)
  • Neopon (DPS)
  • SixVII (DPS)
  • 品川ラインハルト (Tank)
  • Odenkun (Flex)
  • Molis (Support)
  • Seth (Support)
  • N1ght0wl (Substitute Support)
  • Elu (Substitute Support)
  • MAKA (Substitute Tank)