After a third-place finish in OGN's APEX Season 2, LuxuryWatch announced that they'd make changes to the team's stronger Overwatch roster competing in APEX Season 3. LuxuryWatch Blue will now feature an eight-man roster, similar to other reported Korean teams, in an effort to diversify their strategies.

Joining superstar Fl0w3R is his old compatriot, Pine. Despite finding themselves embroiled in controversy last season—and indeed, out of fans' favor—the pair will finally compete on the world's premier stage. A third-place finish might seem decent, but LuxuryWatch Blue was considered to be a favorite to win the entire tournament, so bolstering the roster with new additions makes sense.

The announcement comes just in time for APEX Season 3, which will begin on the 28th of April. LuxuryWatch Blue will face a group of notably weak opponents, including CONBOX Spirit and Flash Lux. The team is expected to enter playoffs in good shape, and if the new members of the team are able to gel, these roster changes should be an improvement over the previous edition.

APEX Season 3 will allow for a single substitution during each series, coinciding with the mass of roster additions on numerous Korean teams.

Currently, the LuxuryWatch Blue roster is as follows:

  • Kim "Pine" Do-hyun (DPS)
  • Hwang "Fl0w3R" Yeon-oh (DPS)
  • Park "Saebyeolbe" Jong-ryeol (DPS)
  • Kim "Mek0" Tae-hong (Flex)
  • Song "janus" Jun-hwa (Tank)
  • Jang "Luna" Gyeong-ho (Support)
  • Heo "Gambler" Jin-woo (Support)
  • Choi "Sylph" Sung-sik (Support)