The Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #15 KariV Park Young-seo (박영서) flex support Nevix Andreas Karlsson off tank Agilities Brady Girardi dps Surefour Lane Roberts dps zYKK Thomas Hosono dps Beast Adam Denton tank numlocked Seb Barton tank Kruise Harrison Pond support have signed Danish main support player Kellex to their roster. He has spent the past two seasons playing main support for the Boston Uprising.

Kellex joins the Defiant after the Uprising let him enter free agency in October. He had been with the Uprising since the team announced its original roster in 2017. Kellex has played in 65 of the Uprising's 68 regular season matches the team has competed in.

He joins a Defiant squad that is reforming around a western core with only two Korean players on its roster at the moment. This is a stark contrast from how the Defiant built their team last offseason when they debuted with an all-Korean roster.

Kellex will likely be the team's starting main support as their other main support player, RoKy, has been designated a two-way player.

The Defiant currently have eight players under contract. That is the league minimum roster size.