With the Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #12 Heesu Jeong Hee-su (정희수) dps Twilight Lee Joo-seok (이주석) support slimming down their roster, im37 has been dropped from the team and RoKy has now become a two-way player.

These moves are part of a slew of roster changes to the Defiant this offseason. They've released three other players this offseason including Aid, Gods and sharyk. All players on the Defiant roster are subject to a team option, allowing the Defiant to choose between extending their contract for another year or releasing their players as free agents.

Known for his blisteringly fast trek through the Path to Pro system, the bilingual Korean and English speaking im37 was added to the team from Second Wind about a month after joining open division team Wave Check, which he was a part of for a mere 10 days according to Liquipedia. He did not make any appearances in official matches after he last played in Stage 3 Week 3 against the Charge.

RoKy will continue play under the Defiant organization, but with their academy team, the Montreal Rebellion Montreal Rebellion Inactive Shuh Pfleger Alban off tank Mangachu Liam Campbell dps Leaf Lucas Loison dps numlocked Seb Barton tank RoKy Park Joo-seong (박주성) support dridro Arthur Szanto support . He will become the team's fourth support player, joining Tensa, UltraViolet and Goliath. He was a part of the Defiant from the beginning of the Overwatch League season and was revealed as one of the team's original eight players. RoKy saw the majority of playtime in the first half of the Overwatch League season over main support counterpart Aid, who took over the starting main support position in the second half of the season. The last game RoKy played was in Stage 2 Week 5 against the Eternal.

There are currently six players left on the Defiant, although it is unlikely RoKy will play much as a two-way player. The other five players on the team's roster are Logix, Mangachu, Ivy, Yakpung and Neko. The Defiant have until November 11 to decide whether to keep the five or allow them to become free agents.