Overwatch lead designer Jeff Kaplan has announced an Overwatch spectator client and replay system to be beta-tested during the Overwatch World Cup at Blizzcon. The announcement came as part of the latest Overwatch Developer Update.

The beta version of this feature will only be available in the battle.net client, meaning it will only be available to PC users. The feature will allow players to watch World Cup matches live from a spectator's point-of-view in a way Kaplan compared to the Overwatch League's observers. This will include watching from first-person, third-person and free camera perspectives.

The new World Cup Viewer will also come with a replay system that will allow users to watch every match from the semifinals and finals of the World Cup after the fact, according to Kaplan. This system will include functionality to change the playback speed, offering an opportunity for users to watch moments slowed down or sped up.

The World Cup Viewer will also come with the top-down map view used at select moments during last season's Overwatch League broadcasts.

The beta-test of this feature will allow for the Overwatch development team to add the replay system for use by all players for their own matches further down the line.

The timeline for the feature's full release was not announced.