Mosaic eSports have announced their purchase of 123's Contenders Europe spot. The organisation's announcement comes just hours after Element Mystic revealed that they had obtained Lunatic-Hai's Contenders Korea slot. Similar transfers are expected to be publicized in the coming days for multiple Contenders regions.

Mosaic announced their intention to pursue opportunities in Europe earlier this month after finalizing a roster rebuild. They currently hold a 6-0 record in the European Open Division, but will likely drop out now that their acquisition of a Contenders spot has been approved.

Mosaic has confirmed that the team had been in talks with buying the spot from the players of 123 well before Luddee's departure. Although Mosaic support Dennia was a member of 123, the organization made it apparent that Dennia's signing was unrelated to their eventual Contenders buy-in, and that everyone on the 123 roster was compensated.

On a more somber note, the transfer marks the end of 123. Formed in 2017 to compete in Contenders, the team went on to make playoffs in both seasons, notably placing second in Season Zero. Whilst no longer playing together, former members of 123 have continued to find success in Overwatch. Both Mistakes and snillo were signed by Overwatch League franchises, whilst the rest have found places on some of Europe's top teams.