Despite never playing an official match, Mosaic eSports began making moves over a month ago that led to the team changing over half of its original roster. They have since replaced the departed players with a group of European veterans: ChrisTFer, vallutaja, fischer, and Dennia. The team will compete in Europe's Open Division.

The team first announced their entrance into Overwatch back in September with an all-European roster. Even without any information on when or how the next season of Contenders would run, the organization declared they would bring their roster over to their headquarters in Phoenix, Arizona to participate in the next season of Contenders North America.

A month and a half after the announcement, the team's Dutch DPS player Vizility revealed he had been dropped from the team. This was soon followed by Fusions declaring that he and another player were also gone from Mosaic. The other player was soon revealed to be BromaS, although he nor the organization ever made an announcement of his departure.

The new additions to the squad include some of Europe's biggest names outside of the Overwatch League. ChrisTFer and fischer will reunite after playing alongside each other on the Hollywood Hammers and their Contenders team under Team Singularity's name. For the first time in his career, vallutaja will be separated from the teammates he played with on REUNITED and then eUnited as he joins Mosaic.

The team appeared to be done with its roster overhaul after its announcement near the end of 2017, but only a few days into 2018, it was announced that Luddee departed from the team due to a contract disagreement. The organization was swift in finding itself a new Swedish support and announced the inclusion of former 123 player Dennia only a few days later.

Additionally, the team announced the third member to their coaching staff, with former GamersOrigin coach Lazarus joining the team alongside head coach Stoop and assistant coach GizmomcS.

With Blizzard's Path to Pro announcement, and only one North American spot to play for into Contenders North America through Contenders Trials available, Mosaic has committed to playing across the Atlantic in Europe, where five teams have the opportunity to enter Contenders Europe through the Open Division and the Contenders Trials.

The new roster of Mosaic eSports is:

  • Mads "fischer" Jehg (DPS)
  • Hendrik-William "vallutaja" Kinks (DPS)
  • Emil "eMIL" Sandgren (Flex)
  • Christopher "ChrisTFer" Graham (Tank)
  • Steven "Kodak" Rosenberger (Support)
  • Dennis "Dennia" Forsblom (Support)
  • Warsi "Stoop" Faraaz Waris (Head Coach)
  • Bruno "GizmomcS" Calapez (Assistant Coach)
  • Felix "Lazarus" Wilhelmy (Assistant Coach)