According to a report from ESPN'S Jacob Wolf, the roster of the Houston Overwatch League team has been built. The core of the roster is composed of former members of FNRGFE with a few other additions.

Five players come from FNRGFE: clockwork, coolmatt69, Muma, Boink, and Bani. The last member of FNRGFE, buds, is not a part of the reported roster.

Three additional players, all of which are most known for their DPS play, were also included on the team in the report. These players include Mendokusaii, who has played for a number of teams as an unsigned free agent since his departure from Cloud9, JAKE, formerly a member of LG Evil and current captain of the USA World Cup team, and LiNkzr, who recently won Overwatch Contenders Season One Europe with Team Gigantti.

flame, who the report said was expected to become the general manager of the team, said in response to the ESPN article, “What the heck your sources are trash,” in a subsequently deleted tweet. After Wolf held his ground, flame went on to say, "Enjoy the real announcement."

Houston is one of six Overwatch League franchises not to publicly reveal its branding and one of many yet to make an official announcement on any members of its roster. It is believed that every franchise will reveal both its branding and full roster before the Overwatch World Cup in Blizzcon starts on November 3.

The reported roster of the Houston Overwatch League team is: