TwoEasy went to Twitter to announce that he will be retiring from Overwatch to focus on his studies, although he left open the possibility of a return to the game.

TwoEasy began his Overwatch career during the game's beta phase in the fall of 2015. By release, he and his team, REUNITED, had already made a name for themselves among in Europe. After he was kicked from the team that summer, he created a new team called WEUNITED, which would soon find sponsorship in from FaZe Clan.

After he and the roster he had created split this past February, he formed a new team called Bench Boys, which would eventually find a home at Laser Kittenz without him. It seemed that TwoEasy had finally found a permanent home in Tempo Storm until the team disbanded this past summer.

TwoEasy spoke more in-depth on his reasons for retirement ina a Reddit thread: "I am finishing my master degree in private law this year so it's literally impossible for me to play daily," he said. While he acknowledged that he has issues with the Overwatch League for several reasons, TwoEasy stated that his failure to join an Overwatch League franchise was not related to his retirement.