Just over a month after signing Beasthalo on main tank and Roflgator on coach, Tempo Storm have freed their players to search for other teams. Other than DreamKazper, who remains contracted to the organisation but free to search for a new team, all of the former Tempo Storm players are now free agents. Roflgator has also been released from his contract as coach.

Earlier this month, we reported that Tempo Storm was undergoing tryouts for most roles on the team, prompting Jkw to part ways with the roster. The team was in a tough spot after failing to qualify for Contenders Season One despite reasonably strong performances in the group stage and tournaments such as the BEAT Invitational.

Tempo Storm has not officially announced the disbanding of their Overwatch roster, though the team no longer features on their website. After confirming with the former players though, it is clear that the organisation has dropped the roster in its entirety, keeping DreamKazper under contract in hopes of securing a buyout to another team. Reportedly, the organisation may return to Overwatch when they gather further information on the Overwatch League.

All of Tempo Storm’s former players are currently searching for new teams, along with coach Roflgator who is open to coaching or analytical positions.

The roster formerly representing Tempo Storm was:

  • Erik "TwoEasy" van Hoorn (DPS)
  • Jonathan "DreamKazper" Sanchez (DPS)
  • Tanner "TiG" Spanu (Flex)
  • Adam "Beasthalo" Denton (Tank)
  • Nicholas "Cosi" Beltran (Support)
  • Ludvig ”Luddee” Håkansson (Support)
  • Robert "Roflgator" Malecki (Coach)