Overwatch League caster MonteCristo has confirmed over Twitter Overwatch's long awaited new spectator mode will be unveiled at Blizzcon for the World Cup playoffs. This puts the date for the reveal of the new spectator mode to the public at less than a month away.

One common criticism many point out in reference to Overwatch tournament casts is how hard it is to follow the action and figure out what's going on. Fast-paced gameplay is not helped by action that remains near constant throughout a match. On top of this, the most exciting camera angle can come from the perspectives of 12 different players at any given time in the match, creating a challenge for the observers of predicting who is going to make the next big play.

MonteCristo has yet to leak any details of the new spectator mode, meaning it is still unknown how much of these issues it will alleviate, or even outright fix. What is known, however, is that MonteCristo thinks highly of it and took to Twitter to praise it after seeing it yesterday.

The World Cup playoffs will be played at Blizzcon on November 3 and November 4.