Update 28/04/2017: A TaKeTV organiser has approached over.gg since the publication of this article disputing the report, originating from an organiser aiding TaKeOver, of split invitations between Europe and North America, claiming that the "information is false and not confirmed​ by an employee of TaKeTV". over.gg will be working to clarify the situation and update as new information comes to light.

TaKeOver 2, the sequel to the highly popular inaugural European LAN for Overwatch, has been announced. The $50,000 tournament will play host to an eight team bracket featuring some of the best rosters from across the West, running from June 1st-4th.

All of the action will be broadcast live from the TaKeTV studios in Krefeld, Germany, with the classic "TaKe-it-easy" style that fans know and love. Expect guest casting from pros, interaction and discussion of kebabs on the sofa, behind the scenes interviews and round-tables, and more in just over a month.


Despite this being the first large European LAN in 2017, the eight teams in the tournament are reportedly going to be from all over the West, delighting all who love high-intensity competition. Six teams will receive direct invitations to TaKeOver 2, while the two final teams will be decided via two qualification tournaments in May. The teams entering the qualifiers must have at least half their team permanently residing in Europe but the invited teams will be split - three from North America and three from Europe - according to reports from a tournament organiser involved in helping TaKeOver 2.

Rogue and Ninjas in Pyjamas have already been announced as the first two teams invited; Rogue, in this situation, are considered a North American team due to their residence in Las Vegas. Two more from Europe and North America will follow, promising a high-stakes LAN event.

In the recent Overwatch PIT Championship and HND Invitational we've seen an unveiling of the talent lying hidden in Europe. Four slots are left for the region, half of those requiring qualification; inevitably not all of the top teams will make it to the event. Misfits, Movistar Riders, ex-Cyclone, eUnited, Dignitas, and Hammers are just six of the teams presumably vying to compete, promising an exciting qualifying spree and a fierce LAN atmosphere.


Two qualifiers are now open for the final two slots. The first will take place on May 6th at 2:00PM CEST, with the second beginning May 13th at 2:00PM CEST. Teams must have at least three players residing permanently (or with a visa) in Europe to be eligible.

The two qualifiers are single-elimination 64-team brackets, with the winners taking a spot at TaKeOver 2. Maps are predetermined until the semifinals:

Qualifier 1 - May 6th

  • Round of 64: Dorado
  • Round of 32: King's Row
  • Round of 16: Watchpoint: Gibraltar / Oasis / Route 66
  • Quarterfinals: Nepal / Numbani / Lijiang Tower
  • Semifinals: best-of-five, straight map elimination via owdraft, loser's pick
  • Finals: best-of-five, straight map elimination via owdraft, loser's pick

Qualifier 2 - May 13th

  • Round of 64: Dorado
  • Round of 32: Hollywood
  • Round of 16: Numbani / Ilios / Watchpoint: Gibraltar
  • Quarterfinals: Route 66 / Lijiang Tower / Nepal
  • Semifinals: best-of-five, straight map elimination via owdraft, loser's pick
  • Finals: best-of-five, straight map elimination via owdraft, loser's pick