The Toronto Defiant Toronto Defiant OWL Rank #20 envy Lee Kang-jae (이강재) off tank Neko Park Se-hyeon (박세현) flex support Ivy Lee Seung-Hyun dps Stellar Lee Do-Hyung dps Yakpung Jo Gyeong-mu tank Aid Go Jae-yoon (고재윤) support have revealed the first two players to join the franchise. The two players are flex tank envy and flex support Neko .

Neko comes from the Boston Uprising, where he began the season as the team's starting flex support. He would see his stage time dip in Stage 4 as the team played AIMGOD in favor of him. However, Neko would return to the starting lineup in the playoffs, where the Uprising were eliminated in the quarterfinals.

envy joins the Defiant after most recently playing for Contenders Korea team Meta Bellum. Prior to that, he was a member of the Los Angeles Valiant before he was released by the franchise mid-season.

They join a team led by Jae and coached by Bishop , Bubbly , Don and Barroi . The latter three coaches, the team's assistant coaches, were announced alongside the franchise's brand reveal earlier this week.

The Defiant must have at least eight players on its roster by December 1, according to league rules.