The grand finals of Contenders North America, Contenders Pacific and Contenders Europe will be played at their corresponding region's World Cup group stage. For North America, that will be in Los Angeles, Pacific will play in Bangkok, Thailand and Europe will play in Paris.

Each region will play just their grand finals match on LAN, a change from last season. In both North America and Europe, the semifinals and finals were played on LAN, as well as a showmatch between the winners of the two regions. In the Pacific region, every match of the tournament was on LAN. Group stage matches have been played online this season as a result of teams struggling to afford the upkeep of housing a roster in Taiwan for an entire month.

The date for each region's finals match has already been set. Contenders North America will play September 7, Contenders Pacific will play September 14 and Contenders Europe will play September 21. The finals will be played after each qualifier's last Friday World Cup match.

Tickets to see each World Cup stage also apply to the respective region's Contenders finals. Tickets for just the Contenders matches are not being sold separately at this time.

Details about finals for Contenders China, Contenders Korea and Contenders South America will be released sometime soon, according to Blizzard.