The Los Angeles Valiant have continued to make moves just before the Overwatch League transfer deadline, set on April 3. The team has announced the release of flex tank envy and the move of DPS GrimReality to coach.

The first of the two announcements was the one of envy's dismissal from the team, which the team said was done by mutual agreement between envy and the Valiant. envy first joined Immortals, the predecessors to the Los Angeles Valiant, with Fate and KariV just before Contenders Season Zero. envy explained the conflicts that led to his departure in a Twitter thread following his release, explaining that cultural differences aggravated by a language barrier led to the player and team parting ways.

The team also removed GrimReality from the roster by way of moving him into a coaching role. The team announced in a press release that GrimReality will work alongside Stoop to scout and will also work as the liaison between players and management. GrimReality never played a map during the Overwatch League regular season.

These moves are a part of a larger set of moves the Valiant have made just before tomorrow's transfer deadline. In the past week the Valiant have traded for Bunny and traded uNKOE for Custa.