The Los Angeles Valiant have recently announced the transfer of former Seoul Dynasty DPS Bunny to the team.

Known for his tracer play back during his time on BK Stars and Lunatic-Hai #2 prior to joining the Seoul Dynasty roster, Bunny has been notably absent from most of the Dynasty's matches in Stage 2, with Fleta, Munchkin, and Wekeed seeing the most playtime in this past stage.

The Valiant have certainly been going through rough waters, with lackluster performances throughout Stage 2 after an impressive initial showing in Stage 1, narrowly being edged out of the playoffs by the soon-to-be Stage 1 champions, London Spitfire.

The team has also have gone through a number of coaching changes as of late, with Stoop being the most recent addition to the Valiant coaching staff in an effort to combat and resolve issues that have plagued the team throughout Stage 2 alongside current head coach MBC, who took the reins as head coach around the same time as the dismissal of the team's Stage 1 head coach, Cuddles.