The Los Angeles Valiant and Dallas Fuel have swapped support players. uNKOE will move to the Fuel while Custa will join the Valiant.

Both teams enter Stage 3 after a second stage that failed to meet expectations. The Los Angeles Valiant went 4-6 in Stage 2 and ended on a four game losing streak after beginning the season 7-3 and a few maps out of the Stage 1 playoff picture. Stage 2 was especially tumultuous as the team publicized its internal problems with the "Inside LA Valiant" series on YouTube. The Valiant now sit seventh in the overall standings, one game out of the playoffs.

The Dallas Fuel entered the season with high expectations but immediately suffered from turmoil regarding the loss of xQc not once but twice. After a 3-7 Stage 1, the Fuel went 2-8 in Stage 2, losing each of their last eight matches. The team now sits 10th in the standings and is quickly losing its chance to charge back into the playoff picture, now seven games out of sixth.

Custa, the only Australian player in the league, will be joining the only Australian coach in the league, Gunba. He will be a part of a Valiant team that has made several changes at the deadline, including the addition of Bunny, departure of Envy and the move of GrimReality from player to coach.

uNKOE will be splitting up with former Rogue teammate SoOn to team up with former Rogue teammate aKm. He will be playing support alongside chipsajen and HarryHook.

Both players will be eligible to play for their new teams at the beginning of Stage 3 this week. The Fuel play in the first match of the new stage while the Valiant play in the stage's second match.