Contenders Trials team Kungarna has done away with the roster they announced in December, and is now planning to field an entirely new roster heading into the qualifiers.

The team's most well-known signing is flex player harbleu, who will be playing in his first tournament matches since the Contenders Season Zero qualifiers with NRG. Other notable additions to the roster include tank Chayne, who stood in for EnVision during APAC Premier 2017 and the Overwatch Heroes Rumble, as well as support player Jer, who spent 2017 playing for Renegades.

The team's DPS duo are Ezire and Josiah formerly of Big Baller Brand, a team that regularly competed in the Haste series and Academy weeklies. Rounding out the team is flex support is Haku, formerly of Toronto Esports and Virtue.

The new lineup will notably be without team owner MykL, who will be focusing his efforts on managing the team and content creation. He went into detail on the team's roster changes in the comments of the announcement video:

First and foremost I want to say thank to all the support we have received over the course of our stay in Overwatch. You all mean the world to me and I couldn't do it without your support! It was a hard decision for me to make, but I, Michael "mykL" Padilla will be stepping down from the starting roster to pursue opportunities as a team owner. As for the rest of the roster we have revamped the entire starting lineup. We decided this was the best decision a few weeks ago when all of our players agreed it would be best for our personal careers to focus on Academy team trials over Kungarna and because of this we also all agreed it would be best that I look around for rosters ready to compete in Overwatch Contender Trials so that Kungarna would have the best chance to make it into Season 2 Contenders. As for our old players anyone without a home will be more than welcome to fufill a role on our team as either sub or anything they like. I have spent the past few weeks scouting the scene and I feel I have found the right players. They have the right mixture of individual talent and team work to create an incredible team.

Kungarna has a guaranteed spot in the first ever Contenders Trials North America, where they will have the opportunity to play into the first season of Contenders 2018. Contenders Trials is scheduled to begin in February.

The players wearing the Kungarna crown are:

  • Joshua "Ezire" Felix (DPS)
  • Josiah "Josiah" Levario (DPS)
  • Anthony "harbleu" Ballo (Flex)
  • Shayne "Chayne" La Rocque (Tank)
  • Jeremy "Jer Santacruz (Support)
  • Robert "Haku Blohm (Support)
  • Kate "Kate" Mitchell (Manager)
  • Dqnny (Manager/Analyst)
  • Michael "MykL" Padilla (Team Owner)