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Kungarna rebuilds roster ahead of Contenders Trials in News

This gon' be good. harbCheer

posted 1 day ago
OWL discussion thread in General Discussion

Genuinely curious, why everyone compares all the teams instead of making lists for the two divisions seperately.

posted 4 weeks ago
FLA vs. SFS – Overwatch League Season 1 Preseason PS in Matches

01:30 am and gotta wake up at 7 FeelsAmazingMan
At least the first game was good!

posted 1 month ago
Spotify year in review in Off-Topic

CDs and vinyl are still a thing!

posted 1 month ago
Spotify year in review in Off-Topic


No idea how The Killers ended up in there.

posted 1 month ago
Pickem Website in Off-Topic

spam2win! Scandalous!

posted 1 month ago
Pickem Website in Off-Topic

I joined twice and have been kicked out twice ¯_(ツ)_/¯

posted 1 month ago
The OWL Pellets: A Fantasy Challenge in News

Korean teams ResidentSleeper

posted 1 month ago
London Spitfire prepares for takeoff in News

Even though I don't believe it, I hope that rosters like NYXL (although that is entirely possible) and Spitfire fail the first season so that we see more diverse teams. I want to see teams like Philly, Dallas or Boston. Diversity and bringing together cultures is what gaming and esports is about in my eyes and in that sense, these rosters are just sad to see. I do understand Seoul and Shanghai, as they are culturally more distant anyway (I wouldn't mind surprises in that regard though) but London is a joke.

posted 2 months ago
Philadelphia Roster in General Discussion

Eqo, Poko and the Koreans are certainly surprises. But this roster has tons of potential.
Maybe no American wanted to play on a Comcast team LUL.


posted 2 months ago
Are Koreans really that good? in General Discussion

Definitely not disagreeing, right now, Korea offers the best competition by far. But except for a glorified exhibition tournament, they have not really shown up outside of their region, except for a weak APAC and an even weaker OPC.

posted 2 months ago
Are Koreans really that good? in General Discussion

Really happy there doesn't appear to be as much Korean dicksucking here as on Reddit (sorry for the choice of words but certain people are just so annoying). But you gotta believe what the lord and saviour Monte says I guess. It's really not comparable so far and OWL miiiiight give some insight.

posted 2 months ago
Twitter speculation about Los Angeles#2 in General Discussion

Surefour apparently is supposed to focus on hitscan, so they might want another projectile specialist.

posted 2 months ago
Get to know part 2! in Off-Topic

What's your favorite type of music? - Listening to pretty much everything but I really feel at home with Emo (e.g. Brand New) and sad Indie stuff (e.g. The Antlers)
What's your favorite color?- What am I, 12? It's blue
What was your first video game?- I think it was the first Tomb Raider, my uncle gave it to me and it was hilarious how I didn't get it
Where are you from? - Born in Germany, live in Denmark
What do you consider your biggest accomplishment? - Actually finishing my master's degree
What's your most PogChamp overwatch moment? - winning a 1v2 vs. Tracer and Genji as Zenyatta was pretty poggers
If you could hug one pro player, who would it be? - not a hugger
Make your dream over.gg team - need more time for tryouts
If you want to answer, what's your first name?- Finn

posted 3 months ago
[APP] Open Alpha Test of the OWForge has started. in General Discussion

Currently not working, gonna bump it up anyway

posted 3 months ago
How did you get your alias? in General Discussion

Music was the influence for most of my aliases. The current one has been around for a while tho: When I was 15 I basically only listened to obscure post-rock bands, one of which was Yndi Halda (meaning Enjoy Eternal Bliss). I shortened it because no-one would be able to say the whole thing and voilà.

posted 3 months ago
Let's get to know each other. in Off-Topic

What's your favorite team? active: Immortals, but I'm a sucker for marketing, so I usually also root for NRG
Who's your favorite player? harbleu, custa, coolmatt
What's your favorite ever match of Overwatch? Fnatic vs Faze MLG Vegas
Who are your mains? Zenyatta, Lucio, Winston, Sombra (4ever filling so i chose to enjoy it)
What's your favorite movie? Pan's Labyrinth
What's your favorite food? German Döner
What's your favorite over.gg member? Sideshow

posted 3 months ago
Recap: Contenders Season One NA Week 1 in News

You're right, #4, EnVision will win it BlessRNG

posted 4 months ago
Pacific Championship $275,000 Season 2 commences in News

Hopefully this will be more competitive than last time.

posted 5 months ago
SWE vs. AUS – World Cup 2017 Sydney C in Matches

why so late

posted 5 months ago
CHN vs. THA – World Cup 2017 Shanghai Playoffs in Matches

Glad China could revenge my Danes

posted 6 months ago
Movistar Rider drops Team in General Discussion

It doesn't read like they have been dropped but rather refused to renew the contracts :thinking:

Edit: nvm, Dante said they've been indeed dropped

posted 6 months ago
Editorial: This test run is unacceptable in News

I like how I could watch the last match at work today. Who thought of this schedule? I agree with all your points, I cannot understand the line of thinking behind all this.

posted 6 months ago
FaZe vs. TL – Contenders Season Zero North America Groups A in Matches

Stream's starting at 1 am? Nice. /s

posted 7 months ago
123 vs. Cyclowns – Contenders Season Zero Europe Groups D in Matches

Cyclowns letting me down...

posted 7 months ago
Vivi's vs. GO – Contenders Season Zero Europe Groups C in Matches

dayum, Vivi's on a roll

posted 7 months ago
Contenders Season Zero Europe Viewers' Guide in News

no coverage of early games FeelsBadMan

posted 7 months ago
Contenders Group Stage Predictions in General Discussion

A: FaZe, CLG (stacked group, FaZe looked really strong but the second place could go to anyone)
B: LGE, EnVision (LGE seems to have a safe first place, again a toss-up for second, but I see the edge for EnVision)
C: TempoStorm, Immortals (TempoStorm seems to have finally all their puzzle pieces together, I see them taking first. Immortals will have to fight hard for the second spot)
D: Hollywood Hammers, C9 (EU>NA Kappa)
A: eUnited, Team Expert (eUnited is likely the clearest winner out of all groups. As a German, I hope Expert makes it, although the Puppiez would be really cool, too)
B: Misfits, Laser Kittenz (Misfits looked really good in the qualifiers, I hope the Kittenz don't fall to another Midtier team)
C: Singularity Ninjaz, Gamers Origin (This group is basically impossible to call. These are my tips, but any other result would not surprise me)
D: Cyclowns, Movistar Riders (two of the best EU teams should make it through in this group.)

posted 7 months ago
New map and ptr notes in General Discussion

Roadhog ded FeelsGoodMan

posted 7 months ago
Rise vs. GFE – Overwatch Monthly Melee - May 2017 Quals UQF in Matches

I named my dog in Stardew Valley Muma, come at me #4

posted 8 months ago
Nesh Hammers out a deal in News

From my German POV tha would be a "ch" (chorosho) sound instead of an "h", but whatever I guess.

posted 8 months ago
Nesh Hammers out a deal in News

It's probably because there's no "H" in Russian and it's oftentimes replaced with a "G". (see handball= gandbol)
Disclaimer: not Russian.

Anyway, finally he found a team and it's a good one.

posted 8 months ago
World Cup groups released in News

Noukky FeelsBadMan decent committee for Germany nonetheless

posted 8 months ago
RED vs. Vikings – Copenhagen Games Pizzaburger Cup Playoffs BF in Matches

Maybe they just want to get some LAN experience, I doubt Hammers would cut Snizzle and fischer.

posted 9 months ago
Riders vs. eUnited – PIT Championship Europe Playoffs GF in Matches

What a great match yet again!

posted 9 months ago
LIVE €9000 Pizzaburger Copenhagen Games Day 1 in General Discussion

That Vikings team though

posted 9 months ago
TS vs. Hammers – PIT Championship Europe Groups Group B in Matches

Sounds like a good game I missed there

posted 9 months ago
Hammers vs. Riders – PIT Championship Europe Groups Group B in Matches

I really like the diversity on both of these teams.

posted 9 months ago
RNG vs. LG Evil – Carbon Series Groups W5 in Matches

I thought Tseini was playing for EnVision

posted 9 months ago
Alienware Monthly Melee March groups revealed in News

FeelsBadMan can we at least get an announcement

posted 10 months ago
Montpellier Esports Show attracts European competition in News

Athletico Brioche wins this name-game though.

posted 10 months ago
Hammers Esports vs. TL – Carbon Series Groups W1 in Matches

2:30 AM? FML

posted 10 months ago
Misfits vs. LH – OGN APEX Season 2 Regular Season Group B in Matches

3:0 Misfits

(it better happen)

posted 11 months ago
Ajax parts ways with TSM following controversial tweet in News

The internet never forgets...

posted 11 months ago
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