The Overwatch World Cup groups and committee members were scheduled for release yesterday, but had to be moved back due to issues with the website. Now though, they are clear for all the world to see!

Overwatch World Cup 2017 Groups and National Committees

Group A - Shanghai, China

  • China - 老李JamLee, 逍遥,木子Muzi
  • Hong Kong - Kin-Long Wong, Moowe, 熊猫人春日
  • Norway - AverageJonas, Invision, Zappy
  • Romania - mL7, Meza, cucubau

Group B - Shanghai, China

  • France - AlphaCast, DeGuN, Troma
  • Denmark - Krytox, Lind, Nerfdd
  • Thailand - CastBy9Arm, Ravee, KOKFC
  • Argentina - Bassoid, Klauss, Parkita

Group C - Sydney, Australia

  • Sweden - iddqd, TviQ, Zebbosai
  • Australia - HeyKatie, Uber, Serenity
  • Italy - Herc2, carnifex, HAL
  • Portugal - Mowzassa, Horthic, Didex

Group D - Sydney, Australia

  • Finland - zappis, Taimou, Tseini
  • Japan - Stansmith, 江尻 勝, 太田 桂
  • Spain - Winghaven, HarryHook, BromaS
  • Vietnam - Viruss, Min, Trung

Group E - Katowice, Poland

  • South Korea - Yongbongtang, Runner, TheMarine
  • Netherlands - Dante, TwoEasy, Morte
  • Poland - Warchawk, HighStyled, Blinku
  • Austria - Wat7, Thrittly, Mærcy

Group F - Katowice, Poland

  • Canada - Mangachu, HuK, Poke
  • Russia - Anak, ShaDowBurn, Rubikon
  • Singapore - Tsuki, Sodafiz, Strykerx
  • Turkey - h3x, yaga, Johnsinan

Group G - Burbank, USA

  • United States - Ster, Jason Kaplan, KyKy
  • Chinese Taipei - 阿森, 聶寶, Ray
  • Brazil - Pokiz, Cooruja, Baba1u
  • New Zealand - AVRL, Smite, Nesty

Group H - Burbank, USA

  • United Kingdom - Stylosa, Numlocked, Kruise
  • Germany - INTERNETHULK, Cirouss and skipjack
  • Israel - Deadlymich, KAFEEEEEE, Inferi
  • Belgium - Dhevin, Afoxx, Toetje


The official page states:

The top 32 national teams have been seeded into eight groups spread across the four regions*. Each group of four nations will play a round-robin schedule of matches. From each group, the top two teams will play in the first round of the single-elimination playoffs for that region. The two playoff winners from each region will make up the eight-team field in the Overwatch World Cup at BlizzCon.

What this means in plain English is that the top two teams from each group, after a round-robin has been played, will compete against the top two teams from the group that qualified in the same place. For example, Group A and B are both qualifying in China, so the 1st place team from Group A will play the 2nd place team from Group B, with only one going to BlizzCon finals.

The end result is that two teams from Groups A & B will qualify, two from Groups C & D, two from Groups E & F, and two from Groups G & H. This will be interesting in cases such as in Groups C & D where there are three very strong potential teams: Finland, Australia, and Sweden. Only two will make it to BlizzCon.