The newest iteration of Kungarna sees mykL alongside an entirely new set of players. In fact, he will be the only player on the new team to have played in the previous season of Contenders.

Despite a strong start that saw Kungarna sitting at the top of the standings after the first two weeks of Contenders Season One, the team was unable to sustain its success and lost its final five matches of the season, falling to a seventh place finish.

At the end of the season, half of the roster entered the Overwatch League while the other half went their separate ways. As the owner of Kungarna and the team's future place in Contenders Trials, mykL set out to build a brand new Kungarna roster.

While the roster was only recently announced, the Kungarna squad has actually played together as a team for quite some time. The team played together under several different names in some of the most recent Academy weekly tournaments, as well as the most recent Haste tournament, in which they emerged victorious.

The team is made up of players who have long populated Overwatch's weeklies and will be looking to take advantage of the opportunity to showcase their skills to a broader audience. Their first chance to do so will be in the first ever Contenders Trials tournament, to which Kungarna has received an automatic invite as a result of the previous roster's run in Contenders.

The new Kungarna squad is:

  • Austin "hobbs" Hobbs (DPS)
  • Damon "Apply" Conti (DPS)
  • Michael "mykL" Padilla (Flex)
  • Nicholas "VitaCoco" McCormick (Tank)
  • William "Crimzo" Hernandez (Support)
  • Carson "CarCar" First (Support)