With Contenders Korea approaching over the horizon, MVP Space have acquired former Flash Lux support player Oberon ahead of the Contenders Trials qualifiers.

Translation: Hello, this is MVP. Oberon has been officially selected for the main tank of MVP. Please cheer for Ham Eun-sang as he proves his worth as the main tank of MVP in Contenders Korea!

Oberon joins after a disappointing first year in the competitive scene, with no notable top finishes to his name. He made his debut with BK Stars in APEX Season 3, where he failed to pass group stage, and left after the team disbanded. He later joined Flash Lux for APEX Season 4, but was met with a case of déjà vu when he suffered another group stage exit and subsequent team disbandment.

MVP Space have been on the lower end of the APEX standings, placing in the bottom eight in all their seasons of APEX. After a roster shuffle last July, they gained steam in the later half of 2017, coming close to the quarterfinals in APEX Season 4, and achieved a top eight finish at APAC Premier 2017.

The team is set to compete in Korea's Contenders Trials, with eight teams vying for four spots in Contenders.

MVP Space's roster is now:

  • Kim "OneFact" Jin-heung (DPS)
  • Kim "Yaki" Jun-ki (DPS)
  • Cheon "Ado" Ki-hyun (DPS)
  • Ham "Oberon" Eun-sang (Tank)
  • Kim "BiaNcA" Dong-wook (Tank)
  • Yu "QoQ" Sung-jun (Tank)
  • Kim "Fuze" Tae Hoon (Support)
  • Son "Undine" Young-woo (Support)

Translation written by TISrobin311.