After a series of disappointing APEX finishes and the loss of their star player, Flash Lux has announced that the roster will be disbanding prior to APEX Season 5. The statement thanked both players and fans for their support and work during the team's existence. There is no news on the rest of the roster's future, with the exception of Fleta who joined Seoul Dynasty last month.

Flash Lux have been a staple of Korea’s premiere competition, featuring in all four APEX seasons. After qualifying for the inaugural season, Flash Lux notably won the first ever APEX match back on October 7th, 2016 - a tight back and forth series against a Rhinos Gaming Titans team that featured Munchkin and claris. Flash Lux did not win a regular season game in APEX in their following 11 matches.

Flash Lux notoriously avoided relegation by a whisker. They were able to recover after APEX Season 2 by gaining wins in Super Week over Afreeca Freecs Red and MVP Infinity to keep them in the tournament, and benefited from the lack of foreign teams and subsequent removal of relegation for APEX Season 4. Despite achieving few significant results they were well known for their creative strategies and the explosiveness of superstar carry Fleta on DPS.

Korea has already lost their three most dominant and consistent rosters to Overwatch League Season 1, creating a vastly different landscape for APEX Season 5. Flash Lux's roster now joins Afreeca Freecs' in the history books, creating another hole to fill with new talent. Currently, there are no details available for the next season of APEX.

The Flash Lux roster was:

  • Kim “Veil” Ho-wook (DPS)
  • Kim “Weeso” Sang-woo (Tank)
  • Ham “Oberon” Eun-sang (Tank)
  • Son “CoMa” Kyeong-woo (Support)
  • Kim “Shu” Jin-seo (Support)