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Flash Lux calls it quits in News

I would feel so sad being on the team of 5 left behind by Fleta, although he deserves the spot on Seoul Dynasty.

posted 2 months ago
Top players of OW in each region in General Discussion

WhoRU at least top 3. He played so great in S2 grand finals he got benched for gaining an ego from it.

posted 4 months ago
Runner and Mirage step down from starting RunAway roster in News

It's so fucking sad a team as good as Runaway was never got picked up or recognized for their accomplishments in Apex.

posted 6 months ago
ex-BK Stars Carpe joins Selfless for Contenders in General Discussion

Carpe is a phenomenal player that I think is underrated because of BK Star's performances. I don't think Midnight would be a better replacement at all.

posted 7 months ago
KDP vs. Mighty AOD – OGN APEX Season 3 Regular Season Group A in Matches

It really bothers me how OGN stacked this group for Rogue and AOD when it seemed like they would've made playoffs in the other groups. In general the other groups don't even compare in overall skill level. 3 out of the 4 teams have the same W-L record now but only 1 of them is making playoffs even though they all lost head to heads with each other (Rogue to KDP and KDP to AOD and AOD to Rogue). Number of maps won should be rarely used to determine who makes playoffs and yet that was a given for this group from the beginning. Hopefully next season it doesn't happen.

posted 7 months ago
LH vs. Rogue – OGN APEX Season 3 Regular Season Group A in Matches

Yeah I definitely feel like sonething is messed up in the tourney organization when it's possible to miss playoffs even after beating the best team in groups with a 1-1 record. Rogue's group was really too stacked compared to EnvyUs.

posted 7 months ago
Blizz asking for $20 million franchise fee for OWL in General Discussion

Unless they get the entire NFL to buy into OW this scene is fucked

posted 8 months ago
KDP vs. Rogue – OGN APEX Season 3 Regular Season Group A in Matches

what's the left handed issue for Nico?

posted 8 months ago
Say it ain't so—Denial parts ways with Overwatch team in News

Yeah I have a gut feeling that after Denial's strong results at the Monthly Melee and xQc's stream growing to around 2k viewers the org still didn't want to negotiate benefits or a raise.

posted 8 months ago
EW vs. NRG – Overwatch Monthly Melee - April 2017 Groups Group A in Matches

East Wind isn't sponsored

posted 9 months ago
$? vs. GFE – PIT Championship North America OQ SF in Matches

yeah I know it was exaggerated. I played on a team with half of the players from "you guys get paid?" and they're talented and have worked really hard to try going pro. It makes me mad when up and coming teams are discounted for beating pro teams. People did that to Kungarna (now Splyce) and bird noises (now LG Evil) during the Winter Premiere because "LUL quad-tank meta" since they love their popular closed beta personalities and teams so much like Seagull and Fnatic.

posted 10 months ago
$? vs. GFE – PIT Championship North America OQ SF in Matches

You're a professional lineup that has been around since closed beta in a gaming house with multiple months of LAN experience against the best teams in the world at APEX and then lose to a half-month old team that's been given no opportunities or money whatsoever. It's the equivalent of losing to a 6 stack of Bronze players in ranked and a situation that should be physically impossible if you're playing at that caliber. Your excuse is dogshit.

posted 10 months ago
$? vs. GFE – PIT Championship North America OQ SF in Matches

Hafficool from Fnatic was the first one to talk shit on NA teams. Then they come back with more than a month of experience against tough Korean competition and get destroyed. It doesn't even matter if it's BO1 at that point it's inexcusable and embarrassing for a professional team sent to represent the West in Korea to lose against a new amateur NA roster.

posted 10 months ago
Overwatch League figures emerge; estimates for bids range from 2 to 15 million in News

As a long time FPS player i actually find the lack of movement accel in Overwatch to be a really good change for FPS games. You can argue that accel/air strafing adds another dimension of skill to the genre but the mechanics are so subtle most players let alone eSports spectators will never ever notice how important it is. It's fucking retarded to lose duels in an FPS if you have equal or better aim and gamesense simply because your opponent can stafe jump to the pickups better in Quake or reset their recoil/movement spread faster in CS:GO.

That is a disadvantage you cannot willfully overcome without putting more time in the game; there is no other alternative. It wouldn't be an issue if most popular FPS games in the genre didn't have incredibly specific movement mechanics that barely transfer well between each other adding artificial difficulty to each separate title.

MOBA mechanics aside Overwatch plays like an incredibly clean and straightforward FPS title which I find hard to criticize.

posted 10 months ago
Real world cup teams in General Discussion

that's definitely a solid af lineup

posted 10 months ago
Rogue vs. Hammers Esports – Alienware Monthly Melee - February 2017 Playoffs GF in Matches

quad tank by Hammers was most likely just a counter-pick to triple DPS

posted 10 months ago World Rankings: 16th Nov, 2016 - 3rd Feb, 2017 in News

Most of those "big teams" from NA weren't present in that "smaller LAN" because they didn't qualify for it on their own merits. Look at the Winter Premiere qualifier brackets and Group stage fixtures and you would have seen pro teams dropping BO3's to multiple unknown amateur lineups.

posted 11 months ago World Rankings: 16th Nov, 2016 - 3rd Feb, 2017 in News

You're actually a fucking idiot if you think those "T2 NA teams" can't compete well enough at an international scale. If anything the only thing wrong with this article is overrating the APEX/Korean scene when we haven't seen enough international competition between Korean/Western teams. NRG was a bad representation for the NA scene in APEX season 1, EnvyUs remains uncontested representing EU in Korea, and the LG/Misfits/Rogue shuffle has arguably made each of their respective lineups weaker overall.

The grand finals of that LAN btw was between Immortals and an amateur team (now pro under GHOST) that had to score landslide 'upset' wins with a fraction of the experience and resources most of these "professional" teams have had since closed beta. Instead of underestimating the tournament results only because C9/Fnatic/Envy weren't there you should ask yourself why Renegades, NRG, FaZe, Luminosity, Complexity, or Selfless didn't make it to the finals over a team that has been unpaid for MONTHS.

posted 11 months ago
Overwatch Patch for January 24th, 2017 - Year of the Rooster in News

Reaper and Mei was always 1-shottable by Roadhog pre-buff as long as you did the movement trick that pulled enemies closer to you. Blizzard just needs to lower his overall damage or change the spread so he can't 1-shot the most reliable anti-tank characters in this game.

posted 11 months ago
Kungarna vs. TL – NGE Winter Premiere Group Stage Phase 1 in Matches


posted about a year ago
CLG picks up The 1 Percent live at MLG Vegas in News

Uhhhh no. The TJO duo had legitimate CEVO cheating bans if you looked it up. Babybay was ESEA banned not VAC'd.

posted about a year ago
Kungarna vs. coL – NGE Winter Premiere NGEWP OP Day 1 Ro4 in Matches

no, even though the current super tank-heavy meta is cancer this speaks to the fact that all the sponsored favorite teams everyone idolizes are "pro" for so long because of their early access to the game from closed beta not because they were the best Overwatch players around

posted about a year ago
Grego, Reaver & Co are Really Cool Guys in General Discussion

Unfortunately the same reason Gale Force and Denial got sponsored: having the right connections.

posted about a year ago
NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News

Oink Oink has been dead for like 3 months lol

posted about a year ago
What happened to FaZe? in General Discussion

Out of the free agents who do have enough potential a lot of them are super flakey as well. A lot of them would rather wait weeks and miss Gosu and FACEIT weeklies to somehow get an offer from a pro team than commit with any other improving semi-pro team.

posted about a year ago
Ranked PTR in General Discussion

no hero limit. in payload they measure the farthest you push the cart for point scoring instead of stopwatch.

posted about a year ago
Would you rather have hero limit or not? in General Discussion

Absolutely not. Even if class limits fit the flow and balance of the game better now, it doesn't account for future hero and meta-game changes and will stagnate this competitive scene faster than TF2. Blizzard doesn't want hero limits in pubs or ranked play, and tournaments (looking at gosugamers especially) should do the same if they really care about Overwatch becoming an e-sport. Perhaps hero bans would be a welcome middle-ground that could be featured in ranked play.

posted about a year ago
Experienced McCree/Soldier Looking for tryouts. in Recruitment (looking for team)

To be fair not everyone has the luxury of getting "competitive experience" from closed beta and an ESEA Main CS player is way more qualified than the tons of League of Legends/MOBA/WoW players who invent their own sponsors and think they can immediately go pro in Overwatch.

posted about a year ago
former NA comp TF2 player LFT DPS in Recruitment (looking for team)

I've been really wanting to get into the Overwatch comp scene since closed beta but never had the opportunity to do so until now. I was a solid ESEA 6v6 scout and top level UGC Highlander sniper with a few years of high level competitive TF2 experience.

I'm looking for a dedicated and driven Overwatch team to play for during the open beta and after release. As far as my hero pool goes I love playing Genji and Tracer the most but I'm versatile with other heroes like Widowmaker, Pharah, Soldier 76, and Mei.

BNET: bowswer5#1539

posted about a year ago