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#4 AMM Jan 2017 Group B: Splyce vs. Hammers Esports in Matches

welcome to the tf2 im superteam

none of us are im players except super


posted 9 hours ago
#2 NGEWP GP Phase 1: Kungarna vs. Team Liquid in Matches


posted 2 weeks ago
#11 CLG picks up The 1 Percent live at MLG Vegas in News
AloraComplexity have rumored and gossiped hackers? Kungnara has a guy legit vac banned during a streamed match

Uhhhh no. The TJO duo had legitimate CEVO cheating bans if you looked it up. Babybay was ESEA banned not VAC'd.

posted 1 month ago
#5 NGEWP OP Day 1 Ro4: Kungarna vs. compLexity in Matches
AloraSo what does this speak to, that Blizzard's game is such a shitshow esports that randoms can take maps off people or that online qualifiers are a shitfest

no, even though the current super tank-heavy meta is cancer this speaks to the fact that all the sponsored favorite teams everyone idolizes are "pro" for so long because of their early access to the game from closed beta not because they were the best Overwatch players around

posted 1 month ago
#11 Grego, Reaver & Co are Really Cool Guys in General Discussion
Futuregazeword on the street is that these guys are being sold to TSMwhy on earth would TSM buy a team that hasn't played a single match?

Unfortunately the same reason Gale Force and Denial got sponsored: having the right connections.

posted 1 month ago
#48 NRG sign numlocked and clockwork for Pookz and Gods in News
ChodezSKYTRiXSHAChodezSKYTRiXSHAChodezBigBadChodezHopefully NRG can dig out of the tier 2 NA trench now. The Esper > Dummy change was honestly pointless and stupid. They perform exactly the same as they had before. I honestly think this change is good though. Edit* Aww man it looks like I hurt one of your feelings, NRG fangays. I'm just being honest. NRG is tier 2 at best. I'd put them in line with Splyce, Selfless, Tempo Storm and Faze right now. They honestly shouldn't have even been invited to the Korean tournament. P.S. Seagull is not the best genji in the world."Fangays"? Really?Well, my initial post had nothing to do with NRG fangays. But they came and made their presence known, so I'm just calling it as I see it.
Seems like you have lots of attitude issues if you are actually saying that NRG didnt deserve spot in Korean tourney
Cause they don't. It's true. There are plenty of other teams that deserve to be there

Name few teams that deserved spot in that tournament then :P
NIP, Faze, Fnatic, Complexity, Liquid just to name a few. For troll value, I'd rather have Oink Oink Here Comes the Boink there

Oink Oink has been dead for like 3 months lol

posted 2 months ago
#5 What happened to FaZe? in General Discussion

Out of the free agents who do have enough potential a lot of them are super flakey as well. A lot of them would rather wait weeks and miss Gosu and FACEIT weeklies to somehow get an offer from a pro team than commit with any other improving semi-pro team.

posted 5 months ago
#4 Ranked PTR in General Discussion
vpiHas anyone played and seen the format of ranked games yet? It's probably a good indication of the ruleset that Blizzard wants to officially push.

no hero limit. in payload they measure the farthest you push the cart for point scoring instead of stopwatch.

posted 6 months ago
#8 Would you rather have hero limit or not? in General Discussion

Absolutely not. Even if class limits fit the flow and balance of the game better now, it doesn't account for future hero and meta-game changes and will stagnate this competitive scene faster than TF2. Blizzard doesn't want hero limits in pubs or ranked play, and tournaments (looking at gosugamers especially) should do the same if they really care about Overwatch becoming an e-sport. Perhaps hero bans would be a welcome middle-ground that could be featured in ranked play.

posted 7 months ago
#9 Experienced McCree/Soldier Looking for tryouts. in Recruitment (looking for team)
Platinum-no offense but the game has been out for a day. you're not experienced, and you should find a team of people trying to start one if you want to be successful

To be fair not everyone has the luxury of getting "competitive experience" from closed beta and an ESEA Main CS player is way more qualified than the tons of League of Legends/MOBA/WoW players who invent their own sponsors and think they can immediately go pro in Overwatch.

posted 7 months ago
#1 former NA comp TF2 player LFT DPS in Recruitment (looking for team)

I've been really wanting to get into the Overwatch comp scene since closed beta but never had the opportunity to do so until now. I was a solid ESEA 6v6 scout and top level UGC Highlander sniper with a few years of high level competitive TF2 experience.

I'm looking for a dedicated and driven Overwatch team to play for during the open beta and after release. As far as my hero pool goes I love playing Genji and Tracer the most but I'm versatile with other heroes like Widowmaker, Pharah, Soldier 76, and Mei.

BNET: bowswer5#1539

posted 8 months ago