Overwatch League

Image via Blizzard Entertainment

The Sports Business Journal's Ben Fischer reported (note: link is paywalled) that Blizzard is bringing their Overwatch League on a roadshow to showcase the concept to prospective investors. While Nate Nanzer of the Overwatch esports team remains optimistic that everything is currently on schedule, the silence surrounding the upcoming fixture still disturbs numerous hopeful investors.

The figures that Fischer cites are in line with what many expected shortly after the Overwatch League was announced at the latest BlizzCon. $2-5 million is no laughing matter, yet in a league where franchising and revenue sharing exists, many organizations would be willing to shell out the "big bucks" to compete. However, the report also claims that bigger markets such as Los Angeles (and presumably New York) can be valued as highly as $10-15 million, a worrying notion to some.

Blizzard's pushes to involve traditional sports organizations shine pretty clearly through their pricing—endemic esports organizations will most likely only be able to afford the small market locations without a traditional sports partnership. Even so, Blizzard is seemingly still set to proceed with their previously-planned activities. They will still hold a sort of combine prior to the Overwatch League, though the manner in which invitations will be sent out remains unclear.

Nanzer promised more details soon during his press conference in Korea, and the Sports Business Journal article indicates the same to be the case. The Overwatch scene remains hopeful—with bated breath—for Nanzer's next announcement, which might bring details regarding Overwatch League structure and the upcoming combine.