MVP’s squads have been unsuccessful in the APEX circuit as of late, hanging in the lower end of APEX and the Challengers division. With the offseason counting down to OGN APEX Season 4, the organization has instigated a major shuffle within Space and Infinity. On Space’s side, Daily has left the team, with doqq coming into his place. Infinity’s changes are much larger, with easybro, Climax, WhyNot and Brek all leaving.

MVP Space have appeared in APEX Season 1 and 3, with the team being absent in Season 2 due to relegation in Season 2’s Super Week. Their results have been poor in APEX’s main division; their most recent play was in APEX Season 3 after qualifying for Season 3 through Challengers Season 2 and Season 3's Super Week, were they only beat Flash Lux before taking losses to LW Blue and CONBOX in their group to end in 9th-12th place.

On the other side of the coin, MVP Infinity’s story has been less fortunate, making only a single showing in Korea’s spotlight in APEX Season 2, and were eventually led to them being sent back to Challengers in Season 3’s Super Week. In APEX Challengers Season 4, they had the lowest result in their history by placing 7th in the first group stage, leading to an early elimination from the division.

Daily was a part of MVP Space’s roster since APEX Season 1, taking the reins of the team’s tank player throughout his tenancy. His replacement, doqq, has only seen action on IX, a team that competed in APEX Challengers Season 2 and 3, and will making his debut on APEX’s main stage in APEX Season 4.

WhyNot and Brek were with MVP Infinity since Challengers Season 1, while easybro was seen playing in APEX Season 2. During APEX Challenger Season 4, Climax was transferred over from Space to Infinity, and eventually went with the downfall of his new team before leaving.

While MVP Infinity’s team has been diminished to just three players, the org has stated that the team will not be disbanding, with new members being recruited very soon. It is currently unknown if the squad will have to play in the offline qualifier for Challengers Season 5, given the introduction of the Open Division in Korea.

Following their new addition, MVP Space's roster is now:

  • Kim "Yaki" Jun Gi (DPS)
  • Kim "OneFact" Jin-heung (DPS)
  • Cheon "Ado" Ki-Hyeon (Flex)
  • Kim "KUKI" Dae Keuk (Tank)
  • Yu "doqq" Sung-Joon (Tank)
  • Jun "Closer" Won Sik (Support)
  • Son "Undine" Yeong-woo (Support)

For MVP Infinity, their roster is now:

  • Kim "Bianca" Dong-Wook (Tank)
  • Kim "Fuze" Tae-Hoon (Support)
  • Lee "Insanity" Ji-Seop (Support)

A special thank you to TISRobin311 for his help with the article.