The branding for Cloud9's Overwatch League Franchise has been revealed as the inaugural season of the League draws ever closer. The team will be known as the London Spitfire, a reference to the British airplane used by the Royal Air Force. The branding of only three franchises remains unknown in light of this announcement.

The reasoning behind the choice of branding was explained by the franchise in their press release:

The name Spitfire was chosen as an homage to the iconic British aircraft used by the Royal Air Force. One of the heroes in Overwatch, Lena “Tracer” Oxton, was also a former RAF member in the game’s lore. Already a favourite amongst the organisation, we asked our fans to weigh in on possible monikers during the naming process, and they resoundingly picked Spitfire, thereby cementing the decision.

The London Spitfire's full roster remains officially unannounced for now, although Jacob Wolf of ESPN reported that the franchise had picked up Apex champions GC Busan and Korean free agents NUS and Fury to play alongside four players from Cloud9 KongDoo.