The North American section of Contenders Season 1 began with the undefeated titans, EnVyUs taking on the people's champions, FNRGFE. The match went as expected, but the corndogs didn't go down without a fight.


It started on University, with EnVyUs running Seagull on Pharah, Taimou on McCree, and EFFECT on Zarya. The crowd was hyped as they took an early lead against FNRGFE, but the corndogs fought back to lead 99%-84%. EFFECT switched over to Tracer to enable the retake, giving FNRGFE one final attempt, but Taimou quickly shut down clockwork to allow his team to take the first round.

Moving onto Gardens, Seagull continued his aerial reign against buds on Pharah. Despite his dominance, the capture percentage between the two teams were neck and neck. Great movement by Boink bought FNRGFE time to take control, but it wasn’t enough as EnVy won the final fight to take the map.


Mickie replaced Seagull for the second map as they looked to continue their momentum, but FNRGFE were able to get the stronger start on offense, taking the first point in a single attempt. A double hitscan comp allowed EnVy to successfully set up on the high ground, eating up most of FNRGFE’s time before they capped second. In the final phase Muma and clockwork went Reinhardt and McCree respectively, and while the swaps initially worked, it wasn’t enough to complete the map.

EnVy then attacked clinically, taking the first point and holding forward. Muma delayed the cart throughout his defense, but it was a short-lived victory as EnVy continued to storm forward and win every team fight. In the final leg, FNRGFE stopped EnVy inches from victory, but a four-minute timebank gave EnVy enough to work with their attack. Overloading FNRGFE with ultimates, EnVy took the second map.

Temple of Anubis

After a few clumsy deaths FNRGFE captured Point A on offense, but on Point B they struggled to take a clean fight, as EnVy played aggressively and got early picks in every fight. Even when FNRGFE built up five ultimates, it was not enough to get them a single tick on the point.

It was all smiles for EnVy in their attack, as they took both points with limited resistance, securing their spot in the Grand Finals. EnVy remain the team to beat in the Western Overwatch scene, and are the favourites going into tomorrow's Grand Finals regardless of their opponent.