LuxuryWatch Blue have withdrawn from APEX Season 4 three weeks into the tournament as a consequence of their commitments to the Overwatch League. The move was made official by an announcement from OGN:

On August 21 at 23:56 Luxury Watch Blue has notified us about their withdrawal from the tournament... Due to the one-sided notice of abstention, LuxuryWatch Blue's remaining games will be forfeited and their opponents will be awarded one win. (Translated from Korean)

The late notice given by LuxuryWatch has landed the organisation in hot water for the second time this month, drawing controversy earlier due to their late release of Luna and Who before the roster locks for APEX Season 4. OGN has stated that they will refund the ticket costs of the forfeited games and that sanctions will be laid upon LuxuryWatch in the coming days.

The nature of LuxuryWatch Blue's involvement in the Overwatch League is unknown, although it is highly likely that part of or all of the team's roster has been acquired by one of the league's franchise owners. Star player Fl0w3R will not meet the league's age requirements upon it's commencement as he reaches the age of majority in May next year. Their withdrawal was announced just hours after Lunatic-Hai were unveiled as the first six players for the Seoul Overwatch League team.