After a day of streaming quick play, custom game lobbies, and sub games, Dafran announced on a TwitLonger that he would not be seeking a return to professional Overwatch play once his ban was over. While he will continue playing the game, he said that competing made him depressed and bored.

Dafran was picked up by Selfless Gaming in early 2017 as a high-ranking ladder player, where he would quickly rise to stardom as Selfless improved considerably. He became known for his play on Soldier 76, but as the team shifted compositions around, he showed his Tracer was nearly as good and his Genji was proficient, as well.

Then, in between the qualifiers and group stages for Contenders Season Zero, Dafran was banned from ranked and tournament play for the rest of Season 5 by Blizzard for throwing games and encouraging viewers to do the same. With little time to gel with Carpe, their replacement DPS, Selfless struggled and failed to make it out of the group stages.

Recently, his name had been linked to rumors of try-outs with several teams. With talent undeniably there, it was believed he would quickly find a team playing in Contenders or even the Overwatch League as soon as his ban was over. With this announcement, however, the chances of seeing him play again under the banner of an organization appear to be zero, unless he should change his mind down the road.