After a recent flurry of teams disbanding there is now a shining light as various French stars have come together to form a new project named IceblockGG. Born out of the success of recent mix team Garbage Boyz who took an impressive second place at Dreamhack Tours 2017. The team has changed three since then, combining forces with the recent LG Loyal refugees, Hidan and SuperPlouk, and the best available French talent.

Although IceblockGG only made their announcement today, former Tank turned Team Manager, moonL, has been working hard in the background to set up the project with the goal of providing a home and platform for the new team to perform. Having taken matters into their own hands after recent org exodus and started their own brand, the roster made an unofficial debut in ESL’s Go4 Europe Cup #51 as Love life, making a respectable run into the quarterfinals before being eliminated by Vivi’s Adventure.

The press release was generously translated from their native French by Flippy to introduce the team:

Today, we have the pleasure to announce the creation of a brand new 100% French team evolving on Blizzard's title Overwatch. It's composed of players that already made some achivements on Overwatch on the national and international scene.

Flippy - DPS: It's with great elements that you get good results and Im convinced that it's the case with our team. The idea was born from the lack of full French line ups performing internationally. Today only Rogue is capable of it. We all want to show that we are capable of it.

Hidan - Captain & Flex Support: After leaving Luminosity Gaming, I was looking for something new, a motivated and talented French speaking team. Our goal is to become the second french team in the top tier.

Kryw - DPS: They asked me if I was up for some frags, I came for that.

SuperPlouk - Tank: When the others told me about their willing to make a new full French team, I decided that this time I will take my time to play with them with the ambition to become a respected and feared team. Im convinced that together and once the teamplay is set up, we will be able to achieve our goals.

Lilbow - In Game Leader & Support: I got the offer to join this team as a shotcaller after my performance at Dreamhack Tours. I immediatly accepted mainly because I would rather have a role where I have to think than aim. In the other side, all the players in the team have a really high individual skill level.

Hayko - Offtank & Flex: After getting a tryout spot and few nights of scrims together, I was really confident about the performances we would be able to show off in the next months. The objective is clearly to fight between the best European and World teams and I think that with motivation and hard work we will able to achieve the expected results.

To finish, the team will be supervised by MoonL, experienced player and Old team mate of Kryw, Flippy and Lilbow. You'll be able to find the talented Iceblock's during the next online tournaments and at the Dreamhack Valencia as well the 13th to 16th July in Spain. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to send us a message at

The IceblockGG roster is:

  • Bastien "SuperPlouk" Klau (Tank)
  • Robin "Hayko" Stahmer (Flex Tank)
  • Jonathan "Kryw" Nobre (DPS)
  • Hugo "Flippy" Perhirin (DPS)
  • Mikaël "Hidan" Da Silva (Flex Support)
  • David "Lilbow" Moschetto (Support)
  • Amaury "moonL" Dennielou (Manager)