Reinhardt phenom Kaiser will no longer be playing with RunAway for this season of APEX, instead moving to join an unnamed Western team.

Runner announced his tank's departure during a stream, explaining that there were primarily financial reasons behind the move to the West. RunAway remain without the support of a large Korean organisation as the team is still owned and managed by Runner, and he is still in talks to arrange a primary sponsorship for the team.

RunAway are also unable to field their new tank Kalios due to contract disputes with former team wNv.KR, forcing them to build the tanks around Haksal and Bumper.

So far, RunAway have not played any games in APEX Season 3 with either tank. Kaiser was initially unable to play due to illness and now has left the team. RunAway are 1-1 in their group, having beaten Kongdoo Uncia 3-2 recently after losing to Afreeca Freecs Blue 0-3.

Kaiser requested that his new team remain unknown until the organisation chose to announce his acquisition. Fan speculation centres around Cloud9 since their removal of Selly and attempts to switch Gods to flex DPS.