According to team captain PYYYOUR, earlier today Splyce informed their team that the organisation would no longer be continuing within Overwatch, releasing the five contracted players as free agents. Splyce has now confirmed this with a video announcement below.

The organisation is likely to re-enter the scene at a later date but has decided to drop their team following talks with Blizzard about the Overwatch League.

Splyce, along with many other organisations, has spent their time searching for specifics about the Overwatch League and particularly the potential price tags of city slots. In early February, Splyce partnered with Delaware North, the parent company of Boston Bruins, clearly attempting to establish a foothold in Boston.

According to PYYYOUR, the organisation discovered recently that Boston’s ownership as a city slot in the Overwatch League had been verbally agreed upon to another party. Richard Lewis reported yesterday that two billionaire NFL owners had purchased slots in the OWL, the first being Robert Kraft of the New England Patriots, based in the Greater Boston area. Even if this wasn’t a direct issue for the organisation in terms of its regional clash, the multi-million dollar price tag is certainly off-putting for endemic organisations.

Splyce then had to decide whether to hold on for further information and potentially look into other cities. With the Overwatch circuit in a relative drought compared to other large esports, it reportedly did not make sense for Splyce to hold onto their team and coach to have them play in minor tournaments.

The organisation released a statement confirming they have dropped their team, discussing the scene in general and the balance of owning a team with such few tournaments available. CEO Marty Strenczewilk denies that this decision has to do with the Robert Kraft announcement or compLexity’s similar announcement.

The decision, he says, was more to do with the small open tournament circuit and the reluctance of tournament organisers like DreamHack to run tournaments.

Blizzard have said repeatedly that they believe in the importance of a healthy open circuit in the OWL off-season. Hopefully we will see organisations return if the Overwatch League and its esports ecosystem proves a success.

Captain PYYYOUR said:

From adequate results to some more adequate results to a team that has the potential to break through obscurity into true high level play, it has been a truly fun ride. The environment is changing and organizations and players must adapt appropriately. Wish our team was competing in OWL or a subset below the "premier" league, but for now, that will not be the case. Thanks to the organization, fans, and players, past and present. I wish you the best.

p.s. except for clockwork, hate that awesome guy

The players have not yet decided whether or not to continue as a unit and will discuss their future in the coming weeks.