If you’ve been missing the epic battles between East and West, Kings and Underdogs from APEX Season 2, your wait is not long lived - APEX Season 3 is coming to you live starting April 28th. Following an intense Super Week with several roster changes and the loss of MonteCristo and DoA as Casters, we finally have our list of challengers competing for the crown during APEX Season 3. With less than a month to go, lets take a look at our competitors and broadcast talent for the upcoming season:

Competing Teams

APEX Season 2 Returning Teams

APEX Season 3 Super Week Qualifiers

Invited Teams (unconfirmed)

If rumors are to be believed, this season sees a strong mix of highly competitive teams such as returning champion Lunatic-Hai, second place RunAway, and the North American dominant Rogue. Fans can also look forward to crowd favorites Meta Athena and NRG competing for their shot at the crown. The reveal that NRG was invited to APEX Season 3 was met with mixed reactions as while fans rejoiced to see their favorite team compete, others wondered why teams such as Selfless have not earned the spot. Whatever the reason may be, this next season is shaping up to continue OGN's reputation of providing the highest level of competition, production polish and some of the most engaging story lines in Overwatch.

Broadcasting Talent


  • Jeon Yong-Jun
  • Jeong So-lim
  • Kim Jeon-Min
  • Hwang Gyu-Hyeong


  • Seth "Achilios" King
  • Wolf "Wolf" Schröder
  • Max "Atlus" Anderson
  • Chris "PapaSmithy" Smith

We'll be bringing you all the announcements regarding APEX Season 3 as any developments occur and as always you can follow along the action on our match ticker and our event page.