After a significant tenure with Korea's OGN, both Christopher "MonteCristo" Mykles and Erik "DoA" Lonnquist have confirmed with ESPN that they will return to America to cast in Overwatch League. While they are both incredibly renowned for their time casting various Korean scenes throughout the years, MonteCristo and DoA have noted a strong desire to help build an exciting project from the ground up.

To ESPN's Tyler "FionnOnFire" Erzberger, Monte noted, "One of the most compelling aspects of moving back to the States is the opportunity to help build a show from the ground up that resonates with fans as an authentic esports product rather than overreaching into outmoded models from traditional sports." His assertion is specifically important given Blizzard's desire to break the boundaries of traditional esports—and more importantly their desire to stray away from the old CGS's faults.

Helping set up an esports league that draws from both traditional sports and esports culture is the clear goal, and the legendary casting duo hopes to ensure that Overwatch League exists on the forefront of the esports world. As such, their experience will be key when advising Blizzard's decision-making in setting up such a league.

The pair will cast their last game tonight, when the lovable underdogs of RunAway take on the Korean heartthrobs of Lunatic-Hai. In the much-anticipated final match, APEX's second victor will be crowned, and the match promises to serve as an amazing end to the duo's (likely) last Korean match.

MonteCristo noted that while he and DoA would leave Korea, fans would be in good hands with whomever is appointed to cast the next season of APEX. Presumably, current OGN casters PapaSmithy, Achilios, and Atlus might be involved, but OGN has not yet given any indication of who will step in.

Update: MonteCristo and DoA noted on Twitter that the pair would remain freelancers while working with Blizzard, as they feel the impartiality granted by freelance work is necessary to proper casting.