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Overwatch League reveals minimum player salaries and more in News

not that much

cmon man. 50k decent. you gotta consider everyone as rookie in the first season.

posted 5 months ago
Overwatch League announces seventh city and future plans in News

all this whining about EU being dead is so ResidentSleeper

Blizzard confirmed like a gazillion times that they gonna run their initial tests NA. And when things get somewhat stable they gonna expand. Like every other company does too with their business.

posted 6 months ago
CHN vs. ROU – World Cup 2017 Shanghai A in Matches

starts at 7AM for me


posted 6 months ago
over.gg survey: share your thoughts in Site Discussion

What do you like about over.gg?
the event calendar

What can we do better?
add an ICAL feed so I can add the event calendar to my personal one

What pisses you off?
that there is no ICAL feed

posted 6 months ago
Finns left out in the cold as Ninjas vanish in News

people blaming blizzard for this are delusional. those teams were created long before blizzard even announced OWL. they were created just out of speculation.

posted 6 months ago
Twitch and Blizzard announce exclusive broadcast deal in News

youtube is actually way better than twitch. the complete infrastructure is better. only thing where twitch excels are emotes. i know you haters gonna down vote this but whatever.

posted 6 months ago
USA vs. CAN – Twitch Showmatch in Matches

goldenboy said it's starting "now" (like 15minutes ago)

I'm kinda getting mad :rage:

posted 7 months ago
Monthly Melees to end after May in News

I'd be genuinely surprised when hex wouldn't get a spot somewhere in the SPL.


OW league coming?`

but then why would seagull leave now. I'd assume teams know like 2,3months before things start

posted 8 months ago
24 hours for Lunatic-Hai to replace newest recruits after fan backlash in News

being toxic towards your team does help so much to increase your chances to win

posted 8 months ago
MonteCristo and DoA patriots at heart—will return to America to cast Overwatch League in News

I think there is a huge difference between something like

blizzard has been so refreshing because... I'm not used to this


blizzard has been so refreshing because.. riot was really shitty

just saying.

posted 9 months ago
MonteCristo and DoA patriots at heart—will return to America to cast Overwatch League in News

ZP is a good caster but too much hype for me. you don't have to be super excited everytime someone presses Q or whatever. dunno. maybe its just me.

Also. I'm actually surprised that people apparently don't care about montecristo shittalking his former employee.


posted 9 months ago
ALTERNATE aTTax players leave org, change two in News

When their Esports staff is as shady as their store staff I'm not surprised someone wants to leave their team.


posted 9 months ago
Lucio nerf - Jeff Kaplan AMA in General Discussion

Bronze/silver/gold/some plats just dont know how to play around/with a lucio.

they also don't know how to play with a lucio.

posted 10 months ago
Hammers Esports vs. LG – Carbon Series Groups W2 in Matches

2:15 AM CET


posted 10 months ago
FaZe vs. Hammers Esports – Alienware Monthly Melee - February 2017 Groups Group A in Matches

Alienware Monthly Melee

what happened to gosu gamers? they busy with carbon thingy?

posted 10 months ago
RNG vs. TL – Carbon Series Groups W1 in Matches

hex has some interesting insights and does a good job as analyst and or caster.

I cant help myself tho. he always appears like zp's lapdog tho. if you read this: sorry :(

posted 10 months ago
Carbon Series set to begin in News

As an european: I hate timezones

posted 10 months ago
Kungarna players to merge into Splyce in News

I thought mykl is trying to become a paladins pro - again

posted 11 months ago
New PTR Patch live - Server Browser added in General Discussion

this patch is lit fam. love it.

here are more details https://playoverwatch.com/en-us/blog/20529203

posted 11 months ago
TwoEasy reveals his new band: Bench Boys in News

don't wanna shittalk anyone and I don't know anyone but TE. but isn't kind of daring to have a mexican player on a team? considering that most meaningful tournaments are in USA and apparently mexicans have a hard time getting visa atm?

welp that sounds mean. it's not meant like that, I swear :(

posted 11 months ago
StriveWire Monthly Overwatch Brawl announced in News

350€ tho FeelsBadMan hopefully they'll find some sponsors over the time. Money makes things more interesting

posted 11 months ago
coL vs. Ghost Gaming – NGE Winter Premiere NGEWP at PAX South SF in Matches

#18 LUL

couldn't watch the game myself but I heard they got stomped and then full held at first point. 10seconds before the game ends the server crashed. Uhm... don't wanna shittalk them but that sounds kind of intentional. And it happens kind of all the time to them.

well whatever

posted 11 months ago
Overwatch breaks $2,000,000 in prize money in News

a truly ridiculous $37.3 million in Dota 2

depends on POV I guess. Just compare it to any other IRL sports. There are single players that earn more per year. Just saying.

posted 11 months ago
Picked Over in News

I hope that map drafting won't be a thing in the ow League. I don't like that a good/bad draft can almost predetermine a match. What bothers me more is that we see the same maps over and over again. A fixed schedule with predetermined maps seems better to me. So teams know what they are going to play and what they need to practice. Especially considering that there will be even more maps over time

posted about a year ago
Overwatch pros on patch frequency and timing in News

I really don't want to see the dota2 pattern. As a filthy diamond casual I really enjoy the frequency of patches.

posted about a year ago
ICAL Calendar or/and RSS Feed in Site Discussion

Best. Site. Ever. Thank you so much. I'm browsing it daily. Also thank you twitch chat stranger who recommended this site.

However. I wish you'd publish an automated ICAL calendar or an RSS feed so one can take a quick check if there is some overwatch action tonight on twitch moon2WINKY

byebye moon2KISSES

edit: woopsie. I know there is already an RSS feed but I'm talking about one which only includes upcoming matches.
edit2: oh before I forget, it's not worth to create an extra thread I suppose. The google custom search thingy still points to the old tf2 page

posted about a year ago